Author: Radmila Djurica

Radmila Djurica is a freelance writer and English translator living in Serbia. Her main field is media arts and cultural criticism there including pop culture, music, art performance, theater, literature and film. She has been writing for a various freelance publications in UK, US, France, also hired by museums, festival and venue organizers to write content for festival catalogues and booklets on English. Also as a presenter and artist talk mediator for Swedish music producers, art performance and professional dance schools, organizations and festivals. Radmila is a FIPRESCI member and every so often jurist or the selector for various international film, theater or other festivals in the field, organized in region of ex Yugoslavia, Europe and USA. As for that she sometimes meets musicians and gets involved on various way with international venues and organizations. She was correspondent for a British newspaper at the beginning of 2000, and ever since then she writes for various culture music including criticism publications. She worked as a film director assistant in editing for Serbian TV, has been a screenwriter on several projects, and an actress on few alternative film/theatre projects.