TORCHED MAGAZINE is an online-based publication dedicated to bringing you the most captivating and entertaining music news/stories/interviews/playlists/photography and reviews from the archives to the present with the occasional one – off in ‘The Stranger Next Door’.

TORCHED MAGAZINE was inspired by a deep love of music and all of the stories that surround the art. The name originating from a photograph of a guitar that was destroyed in a fire seen on the cover of ‘Sweet F.A.’ by Love and Rockets (produced by John Fryer). I’d also like to thank the brilliant music Producer John Fryer and the Black Needle Noise family for all of your continued support and encouragement.



Purchase Love and Rockets Sweet F.A.

TORCHED was originally an early Internet fan based message board for the band Love and Rockets with an occasional drive by from ‘The Undertaker’ (aka David J ) who  referred to us as “The Undeadheads”. ‘The Stranger Next Door’ was a short lived off shoot from the TORCHED board where randomness was posted by members…I’ve included the SND space to continue this tradition.

…a few of us went on to become photographers and writers but most importantly, lifelong friends.


Judy Lyon – photo by Carolyn Zick


….so here we are again pinning our thoughts to the internet wall.

‘Be The Revolution’

Judy Lyon,