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Peter Murphy kicks off his New York City residency tonight at (Le) Poisson Rouge which mirrors his highly successful San Francisco residency that happened earlier this year.. And all of this is taking place on the heels of Peter’s highly successful world tour celebrating 40 years of Bauhaus, featuring David J. At this new residency, Peter Murphy will be running through his solo albums in their entirety beginning with 1986’s Should The World Fail to Fall Apart and ending with a greatest hits show of solo material and tributes to Bauhaus and David Bowie. The live lineup includes Mark Gemini Thwaite (Guitar), Marc Slutsky (Drums), and Emilio Zef China (Bass/Violin).

Health concerns came to a forefront at the tail end of Peter Murphy’s Bauhaus Ruby Tour where he wasn’t able to perform the last date in Orlando, Florida due to illness. A statement from Peter Murphy’s official web-site stated he was unable to perform because he was “suffering from severe physical and mental exhaustion.” This was Peter Murphy’s rescheduled, final date of a monumental 5-month, ninety-four date world tour, it’s not surprising that he would feel exhausted. The show went on as scheduled with David J taking the lead along with Mark Gemini Thwaite, Marc Slutsky and new support from Curse Mackey and Rona Rougeheart of SINE. You can read the full article on this event HERE. Peter returned home to Istanbul to refresh his energy before taking the stage in NYC.


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As Peter Murphy starts off his new residency at (Le) Poisson Rouge in NYC, one of first questions that we asked was simply how he was feeling as they get ready to take the stage. In good spirits Peter replied, “How do I feel right now … Mentally I feel ok, it’s something that I’ve only done once with the band and we’re in a different venue and everything else and so it’s always going to be something that’s an unknown to a certain extent.. but I feel great!”

Hoping that Peter might dive into a few residency performance highlights that might be of special interest to him, our next question came up with a much greater answer. “As for any highlights that I’m looking forward to.. they tend to.. they tend to appear themselves as we’re doing it, because everything is, initially because we’re doing such a concentrated stream of album.. after album.. after album.. after album.. what’s great about that is that there’s little time to really over think and become very much forced to be in the moment which is actually ideal.. so those highlights just appear as they will.

When asked if there were any plans to continue touring after the NYC residency, Peter replied, “There are no plans to extend the tour past the residency. Right now.. I’m thinking.. I’m orientating towards recording more work in the near future.. so there maybe a show or so in the winter, I’m not sure yet.”



Peter Murphy with Mark Gemini Thwaite


Torched Magazine had the opportunity to also ask Peter Murphy’s supporting band members, Mark Gemini Thwaite and Marc Slutsky a few questions about the new residency.. Here’s what they had to say..

How do you feel about going into the 2nd residency with Peter Murphy?

MGT – It’s great to be bringing the PM residency to New York City, it’s always been a town I’m very fond of, and now that we’ve already done a residency in San Francisco I feel that we’re a little bit more chilled out going into this one.. of course it’s pretty manic having to remember 120 songs so I’m sure they’ll be moments where the band will be flying by the seat of our pants musically but I’m looking forward to it, and it’s always a pleasure to play those songs..

Marc Slutsky – I feel super excited about this NYC residency. This is my home town. These residency’s are really cool. The pressure is high but I enjoy that part of it. There’s an excitement and energy that comes with that. Personally, I never had to learn an artists entire catalog before. Its very meaningful and special to me. I can’t wait to start up tonight! I suppose we are a little more rehearsed this time around, but not much more. LOL



Peter Murphy’s San Francisco Residency – Photo by Terry Way Photography


Are there any highlights/albums you look forward to playing?

MGT – I also had a real blast playing the Bowie material last time, and of course David famously lived in New York for many years up until his death, so it seems fitting to be doing those songs here.. so I’m looking forward to doing that iconic material once again as well.

Marc Slutsky – Thats a tough one. I really like playing all the albums. They are all different and have there own unique personalities. Thats one of the great things about Peter. He always went for something different. I love that about him. “Lion” will be fun. Thats the album that we haven’t performed yet. It was sounding good in rehearsal. “Compression” and “The Rose” are outstanding.


Marc Slutsky

Peter Murphy with Marc Slutsky/ courtesy of Marc Slutsky


In a previous interview, Mark Gemini Thwaite talks with Torched Magazine about Peter Murphy’s San Francisco residency HERE.





August 2nd
Should The World Fail to Fall Apart
Peter’s debut solo album from 1986





August 3rd
Love Hysteria
1988’s Love Hysteria hit the Billboard 200 and features hits like “All Night Long” and “Indigo Eyes”




August 5th
Peter reached #44 on the Billboard charts on 1989’s Deep. It features hits like “Cuts You Up” and “A Strange Kind of Love”




August 8th
Holy Smoke
Holy Smoke featured hits like “You’re So Close” and “The Sweetest Drop.”




August 9th
1995’s Cascade, Peter Murphy’s 5th studio album, features classics like “The Scarlet Thing In You” and “I’ll Fall With Your Knife”




August 10th
Peter utilized traditional Turkish instrumentation on 2002’s Dust




August 12th
2011’s Ninth, which Peter called “full of swagger and immediacy”




August 13th
Lion, released in 2014 and produced by Killing Joke bassist Martin Glover. “Like operas for the dispossessed”




August 15th
Greatest Hits
Peter performs a retrospective set of songs spanning his entire career..




August 16th
Mr Moonlight: Bauhaus
Peter Murphy performs the music of Bauhaus





August 18th
Tribute to David Bowie (Night 1)
A tribute to the Starman, Peter performs the music of David Bowie




August 19th
Tribute to David Bowie (Night 2)
A tribute to the Starman, Peter performs the music of David Bowie



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