Torched Live Review- Clan Of Xymox At Johnny Brenda’s In Philly

Clan Of Xymox live at Johnny Brenda’s, Philly

Words and photos by Patrick Bowersock

Arriving at Johnny Brenda’s in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philly, the currently hip area, sadly makes parking a chaotic nightmare. Fortunately VOSH, based out of D.C. was the opening act and the lead singer poured every ounce of sexuality and exuberance into her performance. They were electrifying and captivating with a goth vibe. They were followed by the Bellwether Syndicate who riled the crowd into a dancing frenzy while repeatedly attributing every song in jest to cocaine bear!

Xymox did not disappoint with a fantastic set followed by a sizable encore. Tracks included classic hits like “A Day” and “Muscoviet Mosquito” to newer numbers such as “Lockdown”. The energy was high and the show was more than enjoyable, it was enthralling. The merch was reasonably priced but upon further inspection was leftover from 2020. However, it was also half the price of a show I’d attended the night before, so I bought 2! Regardless, the show was phenomenal, the opening acts did their job, and the crowd ate up every minute.

In the end, I would catch them again when they come around. My college radio co-DJ ruminated “I never understood why they didn’t make it bigger” and I’m left wondering the same thing Overall: openers A, main act A+, venue B+, merch B- average it out and you have a hell of a Wednesday night!

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