GARY NUMAN TORCHED Live Review / Gallery – The Ventura Music Hall Ventura, Ca 2022

Gary Numan Torched Live Review / Gallery – The Ventura Music Hall, Ventura CA 4-5-2022.

Gary Numan recently performed at the new concert venue in Ventura, CA, The Ventura Music Hall. A large crowd , young, old, and every age between, showed up to see him and they were not disappointed. 

Gary has had a long and illustrious career that started in the late 1970s with Tubeway Army and then his solo hit record “The Pleasure Principle,’” which produced his biggest U.S. hit, “Cars.” 

The early material set him up as an electronic music icon and he garnered a cult following of “Numanoids,” many of whom have followed him for over 40 years.

Gary Numan just recently recovered from a bout with COVID 19, but if there were any lingering effects, I couldn’t tell. He and the band came out and performed the title track for his newest release, “Intruder.”  It set the tone for what was to come, a mesmerizing look across some of his best and most interesting material. Since the early 1990s, he has been known for a more industrial sound that brought many Nine Inch Nails collaborations with NIN even covering his 1979 song, “Metal” (which Gary played a wicked rendition of for their second number) second for a 2000 release. 

The set included a sampling of big hits and deep cuts, woven together into a cohesive, electronic-industrial-goth show that wowed. Gary recently turned 64 years old, yet he still carries a very dark, charismatic persona on stage that brought me back to seeing him as a sort of visionary who created something groundbreaking in the midst of the disco era in those early days.

He sent out a heartfelt tribute to Taylor Hawkins and he performed his Tubeway Army release “Down In The Park” (which the Foo Fighters had covered) and it was well received by the adoring crowd. Personally, I loved how he obliged the fans and played his early hits such as “Cars,” as well as ending with “Are ‘Friends ‘Electric” and the band performed them with passion. I felt his deep appreciation for and connection to the fans and his embrace of what connected us to him in the first place. After this performance, I can say I definitely look forward to his next release and his next tour!

Review by Davie Holifield

Photography by Steve Martinez (Twisted Tripod Photography)

Since coming to prominence with era-defining hits such as “Cars” and “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” (with Tubeway Army), Gary Numan has remained consistently creative and released a huge catalogue of work. His impact on electronic and alternative music has been hailed by pioneers such as Prince, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails and remains impactful today, with Kanye West and Lady Gaga both crediting him as an influence. He was rewarded with the prestigious Inspiration Award at the Ivor Novellos in 2017 and shared his remarkable story with 2020’s candid autobiography (R)evolution.

Gary Numan’s latest release ‘Intruder’ is now available for purchase HERE.

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