WALK ON PRESS Releases Rare ‘The Birthday Party’ Images in New Art Book!

Walk On Press releases a brilliantly pieced together art book/zine that shares a vary rare moment in history for the band The Birthday Party! The imagery brings to life the grittiness and raw emotion of their early days as they toured with the band Bauhaus, in 1981. The images were unearthed when a contact sheet was given to author Joe Haskins by his father David J (Bauhaus, Love And Rockets) while in college. Unfortunately, the photographer is unknown but the message captured on that old film camera is fierce and expressive and encapsulates the true essence of the band. The images are grainy and scratched up, weathered by time in a dark and moody light. It makes me feel as if I am there at the show.. smoky, dark and intense. The book includes a brief history of the images it contains as well as thoughts by Joe and David J. This is a real treat for any fan. Please support if you can!

6″ GOLD BLADE: The Birthday Party 1981 – Bauhaus Tour

Never before seen pictures of Nick Cave and Rowland S Howard

20 pages, 15 pictures

Edition of 81 hand numbered copies

Email walkonpress@gmail.com to order

Statement from author Joe Haskins fb page..

“Pretty stoked to be able to offer this labor of love through my small press, WALK ON PRESS. I’m a huge The Birthday Party fan. I made this fine zine with my buddy Morgan. It’s a hand numbered edition of 81 copies. My Dad gave me a tiny contact sheet years ago which he’d been gifted containing photos of The Birthday Party, taken back when he toured with them with Bauhaus in 1981. Morgan and I knew we had to do something with it as we are both avid chapbook creators and believers in the medium of print! We really wanted to present and share these never before seen shots in a cool manner. We always try to make something we ourselves would want, so this one’s for the fans. It was great to see these images enlarged, the grain emphasizing the atmosphere even more, it brought them to life again!

The zine is comprised of 15 photos featuring Nick Cave and Roland S Howard. I wrote a blurb explaining the impetus behind the zine which is printed inside, and my Dad, David J, included a tiny blurb as well. Hand numbered on the back in gold, bottom left.”

If you’d like a copy they are $20 shipped in the U.S.A.

Please email walkonpress@gmail.com to order and include your address.

Nick Cave & The Birthday Party backstage at The Venue, Victoria, London, UK on 15 May 1981.. Photo by David Corio (image not included in book)
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