Vaselyne Releases New EP ‘Here To Begin’, Supports Ukrainian People In Their Struggle For Freedom!

Music has always been a gate to undiscovered worlds. But in times of peril it also provides an escape hatch. Vaselyne’s new EP Here To Begin is just that. It is a dark and magical ode to beauty, mystery and elegance. 

The combination of Yvette’s Winkler’s powerful vocal performance and Frank Weyzig’s driving guitar work really shines on “Here To Begin”. The title Track is full of energy and drive. It is balanced by the more folk driven, lush and introverted “Riding the Wave”. The EP is rounded out with an acoustic version of “Here To Begin” and two instrumental tracks.

Vaselyne are Yvette Winkler and Frank Weyzig [ex Clan of Xymox] 
Guest vocals on ‘Here to Begin’ by Lynette Cerezo. Flute on ‘Riding the Wave’ performed by Rina Vervoort.

All sales from this EP will be donated to support The Ukrainian People in their struggle for freedom. Please support Vaselyne on their bandcamp page HERE.

Vaselyne is a collaboration between Dutch singer Yvette Winkler and Dutch musician and producer Frank Weyzig. A mutual artistic curiosity gave birth to their VASELYNE project in the spring of 2011. One can safely assume that to hold tenure in VASELYNE, you’d best exhibit the deepest level of commitment to what the band stands for. Influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree and Blackfield, Vaselyne could remain one of ambient-alternative rock’s most intelligent and gifted technical bands. (Markus Seibel / medicine-mag).

Both members have a track record that speaks for itself. Yvette Winkler was co-founder of Dutch band “Sea of Souls” (2006). You can listen to her vocal work on Pieter Nooten’s album “Here is Why” (2010), for which she sang some of the lead- and backing vocals. Frank Weyzig is a Dutch producer, composer and band member, known for his contribution to the original line-up for “Clan of Xymox” and his work for indie new wave band “Born For Bliss”.

Vaselyne continues to innovate upon their unique form of art-ambient/alternative and at the end of the day, its actually the ease with which Vaselyne serves up this versatility, making the music go by in a flash ( Markus Seibel/ Vaselyne has so far released four albums on German label Echozone: ‘Earthbound’ EP (2012), their full length debut album ‘The Fire Within’ (2013), ‘In Dreams’ EP (2015) and ‘Fragile’ EP (2016).

In the spring of 2018, after a two year hiatus, the band picked up things where they left and Vaselyne contributed to the new Textbeak (Michael Szewczyk) album, “Sick for Songs a Season Eats”, produced by John Fryer. For this album, Yvette wrote and sung the lyrics for “Legion_err” and both Frank and Yvette have written and sung the lyrics for “Information Medicine” a track with Mark Stewart of “The Pop Group”. Frank also added the electric guitar parts for this track. Others who contributed to this album release are: John Fryer, Lynette Cerezo (Bestial Mouths), Searmanas and Mark Stewart (The Pop Group). Yvette also collaborated with IAMTHESHADOW, John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise, Jean- Marc Lederman, Attrition and Junksista. Frank worked with Kelly Cook ( ex- Moev) on their new project “Tearing The BlackBox”. Their first two singles ‘Devil World’ and ‘Breathe’, were released in 2021.

Vaselyne now finished recording their upcoming album. The first single of that album is a ballad “Waiting to Exhale”. The video for this track was made by Dutch filmmaker Dorothee Meddens. The new album includes collaborations with Lynette Cerezo from Bestial Mouths, Searmanas, John Fryer ( Black Needle Noise, NIN, Prayers, This Mortal Coil and HIM) and Michael Aliani from Chiron/Ikon.

In the fall of 2021, Vaselyne signed with COP International. Their first official release on COP International is “The Winter EP”, with a cover of ‘Winter’ by Tori Amos. New releases are planned for 2022.

All images courtesy of COP International


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