David J (Bauhaus) Announces New Decade Spanning Retrospective Album ‘What The Patrons Heard’

 David J (Bauhaus, Love And Rockets) announces a new decade spanning retrospective album, What The Patrons Heard, a storied collection of originals and brilliant covers recorded over the timespan of 34 years between 1986 and 2020. These ten literate and impassioned songs were originally only available digitally to David J’s Patreon subscribers. What The Patrons Heard marks the first time these songs are available to the general public in any format, available now for pre-order from GIVE/TAKE.

As a founding member of Bauhaus, David J helped spearhead the post-punk scene of the early ‘80’s with a string of innovative work, including Bauhaus’ defining moment, a bona fide classic and feasibly the pinnacle of the entire goth scene: the nine minute plus epic slab of industrial dub “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” featuring David’s lyrics and bass guitar work. Bauhaus propelled to the upper echelons of the UK charts before reaching their zenith in the summer of ’83 and imploding – shattering into fragments of individual talent.

This implosion gave rise to David’s wide-ranging solo career. The first of Bauhaus’ members to actively release music outside of the band, David went on to put out solo work and collaborations with various authors, poets and infamous indies such as 4AD and The Jazz Butcher. In 1985, David regrouped with two former Bauhaus members to form the hugely successful Love and Rockets. Since then, David has continued to produce his trademark brand of deeply heartfelt and darkly sophisticated music.

Highlights of What The Patrons Heard include a timely rendition of Neil Young’s “Vampire Blues” delivered with penetrating intensity; “Gimme Some Truth,” which brings new urgency and potency to the John Lennon classic; and “Lay Over And Lay,” which conveys folk-punk that only musicians from the British Isles can get right.

David J’s What The Patrons Heard is now available for pre-order via GIVE/TAKE. Selections include limited edition snow white vinyl, limited edition CD, vinyl + CD bundle, and digital download. Pre-orders receive the singles ‘Vampire Blues’ and Lay Over and Lay’ immediately.

David J (photo Judy Lyon, 2005)

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