Punk Rock Veterans The Dickies Release New Single ‘A Gary Glitter Getaway’

Los Angeles, CA – Punk rock veterans, The Dickies remain one of the most reliably entertaining bands around, but despite their fun-loving reputation, they’re no stranger to controversy. Since their inception in 1977, the band’s lyrics and stage personas have always knocked up against mainstream norms and subverted social mores in a way that was both light-hearted and intellectually acute. Now, the band has courted some of their most furtive sideways glances of their career with the new single “A Gary Glitter Getaway.” The track is delightfully upbeat and catchy, biting a bit of The Go-Go’s “Vacation” for a pop hook punch, while taking as its subject the UK’s most notorious, once most-revered, now most-despised, pop icon. Like all great punk rock songs, its ironic detachment hides a righteous moral anger pointed directly at the ruling class. Or, as Dickies vocalist Leonard Graves Phillips puts it, tongue firmly planted in cheek, “This is a song about getting away from it all, going to far away places, and meeting new people.”

The single’s B-side is a bit easier to digest. In fact, it continues The Dickies’ long-standing tradition of crafting punk rock cover versions of well-known pop and rock songs. This time it’s The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand” that gets the fast and loud treatment, and just even the rumor of its existence has got the Dickies faithful buzzing with excitement. Well, the wait is officially over!

Both songs are being pressed on an exclusive, limited-edition 7” vinyl officially released today! Available in your choice of either BLUE or RED vinyl!

Order here:https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/the-dickies-a-gary-glitter-getaway-limited-edition-7-colored-vinyl/

And keep your ear to the ground for The Dickies new studio album coming later this year!

Photo courtesy of Cleopatra Records

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