Love Is a Ghost Releases Haunting Debut EP ‘Siren’ Featuring Char And Producer Tim Newman

Love is a Ghost evolved out of an ongoing collaboration between vocalist Char Elizabeth and producer Tim Newman. Char and Tim first worked together on material for a forthcoming project by David J of Bauhaus. The work took Char’s voice and used it as an element in collage. Char and Tim continued to experiment with styles and techniques looking for their musical home.

Everything fell into place when Tim worked on some material by musician and visual artist Craig Tattersall for Brian Records. Craig’s tape manipulations and work with texture was the final piece in the puzzle and Love is a Ghost was born.

The debut EP by Love is a Ghost sees them record and then deconstruct their beautiful composition. Siren. It’s now available for purchase on the bands bandcamp page HERE.

Tim has worked with David J on numerous projects, including a live appearance at Beck studio (birthplace of Bela Lugosi’s Dead) performing that very number with David himself. Also David’s forthcoming double album (created fully with Tim), Char, as well as appearing on many of the tracks on the afore mentioned up and coming album  appears in the video for Death Valley ’69, part of Paul Statham’s brilliant  Dark Flowers’ project (a supergroup of sorts with a revolving door ethos – amongst the vocalists are Peter Murphy, Shelly Poole, David J, Jim Kerr), a cover of the Sonic Youth song (Death Valley ’69) appears as part of a four track Murder Ballads e.p. as a taster for this new LP. David J provides the lead vocals and  Char the backing vocals. Further covers on this e.p are by Tom Waits, Delta Rae and Joan Baez. Tim has also re-worked David’s John Cale cover Fear is a Man’s Best Friend for a new Glass Records anniversary LP, Char has turned in an incredible performance with David on this one. Created once again by Tim. 

(Andrew Brooksbank)

Tim Newman:

“It’s about looking at a piece of music from multiple angles and getting inside the composition. Having “ghost” in our name feels appropriate, like ghost stories, our music belongs in the half remembered, half imagined twilight of the mind.”

Influences: All the 4AD ethereal stuff, but His Name Is Alive stand out by a mile. Warren DeFever is a genius, also Meredith Monk, Sheila Chandra, LoveLiesCrushing, Seefeel. And the lost art form of the 90s remix EP.

Tim Newman

Charlotte Elizabeth (Char): 

“The inspiration for the song / lyric (Siren) came from a kids TV show I awkwardly still watch as an adult. It’s called “H2o Just add Water” it’s about mermaids. I’ve always been obsessed by mermaids for some reason. There’s an episode about sirens and the entire concept was great. A woman who has the power to get the attention of any and every man through her voice. When I saw that particular episode I knew it was something I had to write about as it really struck me as inspiration even if it doesn’t make much sense to the person listening. If you watch the show it would all unravel and make perfect sense.”

Influences: Lana Del Rey (early), Suede, Nick Cave

Char Elizabeth

Craig Tattershall:

“I see the songs as facsimiles or tracing of the original.

As when we use a photocopier, we photocopy over and over again, we distort the image, lose & gain information. In this way the song becomes a new version of itself, elements linking through the mixes but unique in their own right”

Influences: range from Glen Campbell, the Field Mice, The Cure, Seefeel, Slowdive through to Steve Reich

Craig Tattershall

All images courtesy of Love is a Ghost

Many thanks to Andrew Brooksbank

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