Torched Exclusive Interview With Industrial Pioneer Bill Leeb Of Front Line Assembly

Legendary industrial act frontman Bill Leeb joins forces once again with long-time cohort Rhys Fulber for the new Front Line Assembly album entitled ‘Mechanical Soul’. The new album, released in January, 2021 via Metropolis Records, offers 10 new tracks plus a remix of ‘Hatevol’.

Including guest appearances from Jean-Luc De Meyer, of Front 242, and Dino Cazares, of Fear Factory, the band states that this album can be seen as the zenith of the duo’s artistic endeavors together. Front Line Assembly has always been willing to fearlessly push past the boundaries between genres, exploring all manner of styles and influence. The new album, Mechanical Soul, can be seen as a culmination of these artistic endeavors, a masterful work from one of the genre’s greats. 

Torched’s Judy Lyon caught up with Bill Leeb recently in an exclusive audio interview where they talked about many interesting topics, including Front Line Assembly’s new album ‘Mechanical Soul’, life during COVID, reuniting with Rhys Fulber, the passing of bandmate Jeremy Inkel, new future material from Delerium, his origins with Skinny Puppy, John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise.. as well as his friendship with Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy.. along with many other things. You can listen to the audio interview below.

Front Line Assembly’s new album ‘Mechanical Soul’ can be purchased directly from the bands bandcamp page HERE.

Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber photo by Bobby Talamine

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