Julian Shah-Tayler Aka ‘The Singularity’ Releases New Single ‘Evolution’ Ft. MGT

Julian Shah-Tayler aka ‘The Singularity’ recently released his new single ‘Evolution’ featuring guitar contributions from Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, Tricky, The Mission, Ashton Nyte, The Wonder Stuff) as well as the talents from Robert Margouleff (Stevie Wonder, Devo). MGT also lends his hands for a remix on the b-side of the two-track collaboration.

Originally from Leeds, England and now an LA-based, singer, writer and producer Julian Shah-Tayler makes electro rock new wave ‘intellipop’ for the modern age with a ‘Bowie-esque flair.

Photo by Diane Lynne Photography

“Evolution is about the difficult process of evolving towards loving kindness through the layers of love and loss in a society that cares nought about the human heart, and more about ‘norms’. It is about holding on to the pure ideal of the heart despite the cynicism of the intellect,” says Julian Shah-Tayler.

Having spent much time as a touring musician, Julian has experienced the pain of meeting and “breaking up with” people every night. “Each human contains great beauty within, and it is impossible to disregard a connection however brief once made,” notes Shah-Tayler.

Mark Gemini Thwaite (MGT) adds his thoughts on the collaboration.. “I had a great time collaborating with Julian on several songs for the Singularity, Evolution being one of my favorites… Julian brings an interesting Bowiesque flavor to the proceedings, with great use of electronica and guitars.”

Photo by Lisa S. Johnson (Author / 108 Rock Star Guitars).

Julian Shah-Tayler has had considerable success with TV and film licenses, known for his work on ‘Plush’, ‘Riot on Redchurch Street’ and Disney’s ‘Maleficent’. He also won a Golden Trailer award, along with Daisy O’Dell, for his work with Lana Del Ray on the trailer for the latter film.

Julian also recorded an unreleased album with Joaquin Phoenix and Antony Langdon(Spacehog), as well as directing Island Def Jam artist Kerli 4 for songs he co-wrote with Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama, Shakespear’s Sister). His remix of Nico’s ‘These Days’ with Daisy O’Dell was featured as KCRW’s “one to watch”. He also cofounded the ‘Art Angeles’ charity, teaching underprivileged kids music in Watts.

When he is not writing and recording original material or producing other arists, Julian Shah-Tayler is selling out venues with his David Bowie tribute band ‘The Band That Fell To Earth’, his Depeche Mode tribute band ‘Strangelove’ and moonlighting as singer-keyboardist in The Cure tribute band ‘The Cured’ ‘Evolution’ is out now across digital outlets such as Apple Music and streaming platforms like Spotify. It can also be obtained (with radio edit) directly from the artist via Bandcamp.


Written, Produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Julian Shah-Tayler

Additional guitars by Mark Gemini Thwaite and Gene Micofsky

Recorded at TARDIS Studio, Altadena

Artwork by Julian Shah-Tayler

Cover photo by Eva Wolfe-Warden

Publicity shots by Alex Tovar

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