Deathline International Releases Modern Version of The Vibrators’ 1978 Classic Song ‘Troops Of Tomorrow’ Ft. Jello Biafra, Pigface, Black Needle Noise..

Industrial group Deathline International releases a modern version of The Vibrators’ 1978 classic song ‘Troops Of Tomorrow’ featuring a supergroup of talent including Jello Biafra, Stabbing Westwards’ Christopher Hall, Black Needle Noise’s John Fryer and Anjela Piccard, members of Pigface, Chiasm, Suicide Queen, LUNA13 and more. The song was released by the independent label COP International with all profits being donated to the ACLU.

Originally recorded by punk icons The Vibrators in 1978 and covered by The Exploited for their same named 1982 album, the raging political anthem “Troops Of Tomorrow” gets a fresh modern take from industrial outfit Deathline International in this bold new cover.

With growing social unrest, blatant racial injustice and abuse of power of the highest order as our current background, the song’s plea for “we need a revolution, we need it quick” rings all too true in today’s America as the song aims to rally the “troops” that want to fight for a better future.



Deathline International provides the following message about the immediacy of the song and its message:

“When we started the project earlier this year, our world was shaky, but somewhat intact. Today, it is broken and in complete disarray. The bodies are piling up, and our future looks grim.

However, hope is like a delicate flower that breaks through the strongest concrete. Hardship creates compassion, and it seems that COVID-19 has created the perfect storm.

The United States of America has never reconciled its treatment of the undesirables,’ its systematic racial discrimination, and ultimately its violence against its own citizens. We are now experiencing a tectonic shift in public opinion related to these treatments, and, as artists, we want to do our part to keep the momentum of this shift going. This fight is far from over.

It was out of this sentiment that ‘Troops of Tomorrow’ was born. It is dedicated to the oppressed. It is our big cheer to those who stand up, call foul and resist.

Despite the stress we all experience from our unsettling world, this project has given us, and our team of collaborators who made it happen, immense joy. We reached out to our friends to participate, and the response was fantastic. The project eventually turned into a beautiful group effort spearheaded by John Fryer. We are still blown away by how he managed to cram all of us into one track, and make it sound amazing at the same time. He kept the energy and the raw edge, but added his signature sense of style and beauty. The a cappella breakdown was so unexpected and beautiful, it literally reduced us to tears.

The whole project was a true labor of love!

We’re all Troops of Tomorrow.”

Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) says: “Song is kool!”

Says John Fryer (Black Needle Noise): “We need to make the world a better place for us all to live in. By the way, it was hard work but great fun putting this song together and doing extra vocals together with my wife Anjela Piccard.”

Adds Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward): ”I was really honored to get to collaborate on such a cool track with so many talented musicians. I feel a real sense of community at COP International and I’m glad to be a part of it.“

Th3Count (Deathline International) says: “This project has helped me to find a place of light within our artist community.”

SLam (Deathline International) adds: “Coming from Hong Kong, ‘Troops of Tomorrow’ hits home. I am honored to be a part of the village that is our troops – the Troops of Tomorrow.”

All profits from the single will be donated to the ACLU.

Deathline International and much of the talent contributing to “Troops Of Tomorrow” are signed to the independent industrial label COP International that champions artists collaborating with each other for greater artistic possibility and creative impact.



Deathline International (Th3Count, SLam, & James Perry) was joined by an incredible supergroup of talent for the track, providing a chorus of voices that add to the anthemic feel. Appearing on the song are:

Jello Biafra

John Fryer (Black Needle Noise)

Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward)

Emileigh Rohn (Chiasm)

Betty X (Pigface)

Anjela Piccard (Black Needle Noise)

Kay Dolores (Suicide Queen)

Lilith Bathory (LUNA13)

Jim Semonik (Red Lokust)

Jasin Monday (CF2020)

Tom Berger (Johnny Tupolev)

Warren Harrison (Jess Lamb & the Factory)

Jay Tye (Soil & Eclipse)

Shawn Brice (Bloodwire)


Deathline International’s “Troops of Tomorrow” is on Bandcamp for preorder now!


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