John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise Releases New Video For ‘Seed Of Evil’ Ft. Raymond Watts


John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise plants one of it’s most sinister seeds to date with it’s new video release for ‘Seed Of Evil’ Ft. Raymond Watts of <PIG>. This latest video is a true match made in Hell with a most unholy collaboration that brings together two of the darkest forces in the industrial music scene today. Conceived and edited by Fryer and Joseph Seuferling of Psionic Broadcast, this dark and twisted visual escapade (a Psionic Broadcast and Black Needle Noise Production featuring actress Anjela Piccard) was filmed by John Fryer and Piccard (L.A.) and by PIG (London).

John Fryer’s intense and unforgiving production on “Seed of Evil” is a perfect fit for vocalist Raymond Watts’ menacing growl, inflaming the track’s foreboding lyrics about letting evil overcome one’s self. ‘Seed Of Evil’ is sure to be a hit in the darkest of dance clubs and beyond.



“When John Fryer called, it was like cream was fed to my poison crop. I was thrilled to lend Satan’s little helping hand to Black Needle Noise,” says Watts of the devilish collaboration. “The result from this marriage made in hell was appropriately called ‘Seed of Evil’ … it pours out of me into the night, where the devil ties it nice and tight.”

Fryer meanwhile states, “After many a moon passing we finally get to work together again. I had to find the right song for Raymond but I think we have a great noise-pop hit on our hands. It’s been a real pleasure working with Raymond on this and I can’t wait to hear it in the clubs.”


johnfryermarthaJohn Fryer Photo by Martha Schuster


John Fryer is a multi-platinum selling record producer and musician. Starting in 1980 at London’s Blackwing Studios, he worked for some of the most prestigious indie labels at the time like 4AD, Mute, and Rough Trade. He has produced and worked with many influential artists for which the list is both extensive and impressive including; Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, Wire, NIN and Love And Rockets. John was also a long standing member of Ivo Watts-Russell’s ‘ This Mortal Coil and has had his own bands over the years including; DarkDriveClinic, Muricidae, Silver Ghost Shimmer and now Black Needle Noise.

<PIG> have had a very exciting and active history since his beginnings in the late 80s. Raymond Watts has been a visible part of the industrial music scene since the early 1980s. He was a founding member and lead singer with KMFDM through their most prolific and successful period from 1984-2003, Nine Inch Nails, Schaft, Schwein, and Einstürzende Neubauten, among others. He has written music for fashion and film for Chloe, Marios Schwab, Halston, The Row and the sound design for the exhibit Punk: Chaos to Couture at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. But the most ground-breaking and perhaps most rewarding was his collaboration with the late and immensely celebrated fashion icon Alexander McQueen who commissioned Watts and his old Psychic TV partner-in-crime John Gosling to embellish the serene instrumental track “Inside” (from ’s Genuine American Monster album). The fluid soundtrack to McQueen’s masterpiece, Plato’s Atlantis, the show was reprised after McQueen’s untimely death as the finale of Savage Beauty, the posthumous retrospective that broke all records at The Metropolitan Music of Art in New York and Victoria & Albert Museum in London.


yoal6ipatmRaymond Watts Photo by Gabriel Edvy


John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise is a 50/50 partnership between Fryer and many different talented singer/songwriters, including Attasalina, Mimi Page,ZiaLand,Omniflux, JarboeBetsy Martin, Andrea Kerr, Ledfoot, Spectra Paris, Jennie Vee, Ana Breton, Kendra FrostElena Alice FossiAntic Clay, Andreas ElvenesBill LeebSivert HøyemFakebaMadame ur y sus Hombres, Beca, Betty X , YvetteChris ConnellyMarselle Hodges, and Raymond Watts.

‘Seed of Evil’ is out now, available digitally through Apple Music, and Spotify. It is also available directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

Music and all noises by John Fryer
Lyrics by Raymond Watts
Vocals by PIG
Video shot by Anjela Piccard and John Fryer (L.A.) and by PIG (London)
Styled by PIG, Anjela Piccard and John Fryer
Actress Anjela Piccard
Concept/Editing by Joseph Seuferling & John Fryer
A (Psionic Broadcast) & Black Needle Noise Production

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