David J and Comrades Perform An Immersive Production ‘Radio Voices’ In NYC Celebrating The Centennial Of Weimar Bauhaus


In celebration of the Centennial of the original Weimar Bauhaus, David J and Comrades (Rona Rougeheart, Curse Mackey, and Heather Paauwe) performed a specially commissioned work for the Performa 19 Biennial entitled ‘Radio Voices’ which also featured renowned Butoh artist Vangeline. This was a fully immersive seven movement production with an abstract electronic symphony of sound and rhythm which included projections, image mapping, spatial audio and Butoh dancing.

Torched Magazine’s newest photographer Leo Espinosa was on the scene to capture this very special occasion with a live photo gallery below.


David J describes the tribute via Performa 19: ⁣

“I was delighted to be approached by PERFORMA with the idea of creating a new performance piece in celebration of the Centennial of the original Weimar Bauhaus in New York City in November of this year. For this performance, I will be collaborating with the world renowned Butoh artist, Vangeline. A new hour long piece of music has been composed specially for the occasion. It is a deep and darkly hypnotic soundscape made in collaboration with Curse Mackey (Pigface), Rona Rougeheart (SINE) and renowned violinist, Heather Paauwe. We shall also be utilizing a randomized selection of samples of the voice of the late René Halkett, a former member of the original Staatliches Bauhaus school (1923-1925) and with whom I recorded two tracks back in 1981. ‘Nothing’ and ‘Armour’ were released as a 7” single on the 4AD label and in 2001 were re- released alongside an additional track, ‘The New God’ as part of a 20th anniversary limited edition CD. As well as being a poet, painter and dancer, René was also a radio broadcaster with the BBC and was known for his sonorous radio voice, hence the title of the piece. I am sure that he will be with us in spirit!” ⁣


Barry MayoPhoto by Barry Mayo




All images by Leo Espinosa unless otherwise noted

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