Torched Exclusive Premiere – Raymond Watts’ <PIG> ‘Divine Descent’


<PIG> brings us the second single and video directed by Luke Dangler off their new limited edition EP ‘MOBOCRACY’ entitled ‘Divine Descent’. Raymond Watts aka ‘The Lord of Lard’, who is the mastermind behind this post-punk stalwart project, sings the dirty chords of truth as his dreams have all but drowned in the neon glow of tinsel town. The song brings an intense sense of looming terror and an impending dark feeling that stirs the soul into repentance.. The song ends as the ‘Devine Decent’ begins it’s reign in terror town.

Watts states that “Descent is not demise, downfall or disintegration … but the realisation of reality. Divine Descent is like manna from hog heaven.  So put the tazer on your teeth and feel the stick that brings belief.”



“’MOBOCRACY’ is rule by the mob,” says Raymond Watts, mastermind behind post-punk stalwarts <PIG> about the meaning behind the title of his latest single and EP. “The song decries the meltdown of morality and the rise of mobocracy, which is fueled and whipped up by the poison that pours from the perma-tanned reality stars running the asylum, who cheer and steer the frenzy of bitterness, bile and hatred that is in turn fed by their own fear.” Biting and politically on-point, “Mobocracy” returns the hard-edged, serrated industrial edge to <PIG>’s sound, following the experimental and critically-hailed covers album CANDY.

A limited edition EP release only available on the band’s upcoming North American Fall tour in a VIP package, the Mobocracy EP is a true limited edition in that each copy includes limited edition original artwork by Watts himself.  “Each CD comes with hand-drawn artwork that I designed to bring the TLC with which it was conceived, written, recorded and delivered straight into the hands of the eventual owner,” he explains. “Once that umbilical cord is cut and it becomes yours, you can do with it what you wish … Also included in the VIP is a unique tote bag, laminate and lanyard, set list and a new sheet of <PIG> slogans on stickers. The only place to buy this VIP package is through”




Watts is known for his work with KMFDM, Foetus, Einstürzende Neubauten, Schwein,Schaft, Psychic TV, late fashion icon Alexander McQueen and others. However following last year’s < PIG > album Risen and the tour that followed with Killing Joke, < PIG > has been front and center. He returns with a completely new set that will feature not just material from the recent albums but songs from the members shared and rich musical history.

Watts also features on vocals on one track of the KMFDM album PARADISE of which he says: “Sascha [Konietzko] and I go back right to the beginning with KMFDM. Despite years having passed since we last recorded and toured, working together again was as easy as falling off a log. He said that they were finishing up Paradise and had one song left with no vocals and asked me if I fancied having a listen. The next day, I wrote and recorded the lyrics and the result was ‘Binge Boil & Blow,‘ a song that will put solid steel studs on your <PIG> head halos.”

< PIG > have had a very exciting and active history since his beginnings in the late 80s. Raymond Watts has been a visible part of the industrial music scene since the early 1980s. He was a founding member and lead singer with KMFDM through their most prolific and successful period from 1984-2003, Nine Inch Nails, Schaft, Schwein, and Einstürzende Neubauten, among others. He has written music for fashion and film for Chloe, Marios Schwab, Halston, The Row and the sound design for the exhibit Punk: Chaos to Couture at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. But the most ground-breaking and perhaps most rewarding was his collaboration with the late and immensely celebrated fashion icon Alexander McQueen who commissioned Watts and his old Psychic TV partner-in-crime John Gosling to embellish the serene instrumental track “Inside” (from <PIG>’s Genuine American Monster album). The fluid soundtrack to McQueen’s masterpiece, Plato’s Atlantis, the show was reprised after McQueen’s untimely death as the finale of Savage Beauty, the posthumous retrospective that broke all records at The Metropolitan Music of Art in New York and Victoria & Albert Museum in London.



track listing

1. Mobocracy
2. Divine Descent
3. Confession (Feeding the Beast Mix By The Joy Thieves)
4. Ecstasy & Exorcism (The Bacon Seduction Mix By Trade Secrets)

Feature photo by Athan Manolis

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