Michael Ciravolo’s Beauty In Chaos Premiers Video For ’20th Century Boy’ Ft Rolan Bolan And Wayne Hussey


Michael Ciravolo’s Beauty In Chaos presents their new video for the single ’20th Century Boy’ ft. Rolan Bolan and Wayne Hussey (The Mission) off the newly released ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned via 33.3 Music Collective . This retro inspired video was created by Industrialism Films and directed by Vicente Cordero. Marc Bolan’s son, Rolan, honors his fathers legacy by lending his vocals to the song and fun filled video along with Wayne Hussey and Michael Ciravolo. The band in the video is comprised of Rolan Bolan on lead vocals, Wayne Hussey on harmony vocals and electric guitar, Michael Ciravolo on electric guitar and backing vocals, Tish Ciravolo on bass, Michael Rozon on drums, and Scarlett Perry on piano.



“Getting to record and perform this song with Marc’s son and Wayne Hussey is one of those oft-mentioned surreal moments in BIC. Both Wayne and I are huge T. Rex fans so doing this track with Rolan scratches one of the ‘bucket list’ for us both. Honestly getting to play guitar with Wayne is also a bucket list moment for me … but I won’t tell him that. As for this version of the song , it is certainly far more in the spirit of the original version. That was certainly my intention. I do love the version we did with Al (Jourgensen of Ministry) too … but this one is really special. Rolan brings his own mix of his father’s swagger and his mom’s (singer Gloria Jones) soul. I don’t think even the T. Rex purists will scoff at this one.”




Michael Ciravolo shares highlights from the video production and a few behind the scenes details with Torched.. “Well it was certainly a blast to do! I really wanted it to have the look and feel of a ‘70s ‘top of the pops’ show, which I think we accomplished. We made up our own fictional show ‘airwaves’ and off we went!

Ciravolo adds, “Tish and I were just laughing last night how we used to listen to the Mission when we first started dating then fast forward 20 years and we are clothes shopping with Wayne Hussey at Iguana for the shoot. Life is an amazing thing! I love the end of the video when we all switch around on instruments; that was all Wayne’s idea and I think it just adds to the feel of fun and celebration! The confetti cannons sure made a big mess! I’m glad the wonderful people at Tiger Labe Studios like us!!! There is a classic moment in the video where Rolan first sees the ‘horse head guy’ (who also makes an appearance in our ‘Look Up’ video). His look is priceless! After it was all done, having Rolan thank ME for having him involved and that his father would really like this was beyond amazing. Seeing Wayne grin ear-to-ear through the video is pretty cool too.”




Rolan Bolan explains his involvement in the project: “When Michael came to me about Beauty In Chaos and doing ‘20th Century Boy’ , I first thought ‘here we go again, another T. Rex cover, but once I heard the track and talked with him about the love and respect he has for my father’s music it just made sense. It was great timing for me as I was just beginning to get back into making music and we just clicked in the studio. My Dad was so influential to so many, and at times it’s been hard for me to understand what that really means. I’m really proud of what we’ve done here and I believe he would be too.”

Wayne Hussey adds.. “It is, of course, a huge pleasure to be playing guitar and singing on ‘20th Century Boy’, one of Marc Bolan’s best-known songs. And a transcendent honour to be doing so behind Rolan Bolan, Marc’s son. When Michael Ciravolo told me that Rolan was going to be involved I virtually begged Michael to let me be involved in this project. Bless him, despite being more than capable of handling all the guitar parts himself Michael did deign to let me have a strum, and a yodel, along. There’s another one off my bucket list! Cheers, Michael. And Rolan.”

Hussey’s love for T. Rex and Marc Bolan runs deep, as detailed in his recently released ‘Salad Daze’ autobiography, out now via Omnibus Press.




Beauty In Chaos a masterfully curated musical endeavor by Michael Ciravolo, who is not only an outstanding and well respected musician, engineer and producer in his own right but also the President and CEO of Schecter Guitar Research. His project brings together some of the most iconic names in the music world which includes, Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Simon Gallup (The Cure), Michael Aston (Gene Love Jezebel), Robin Zander, Michael Rozon and Al Jourgensen, to name a few. Think ethereal old school goth/ alternative meets rock but with a modern edge.

Beauty Re-envisioned is a diverse collection of remixes, treatments and alternative versions of many of the songs from their debut album, Finding Beauty In Chaos, as re-envisioned by an equally diverse group of producers, deejays and artists including Tim Palmer (The Mission, Tin Machine, U2, Robert Plant), John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, NIN, Love And Rockets), Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus, Love And Rockets), Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society), Kitty Lectro (The March Violets, Kommunity FK), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, The Mission), Sine Division, Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), Rolan Bolan, Paul Wiley (Marilyn Manson), Kevin Kipnis (Purr Machine), Statik and Alex Kretov (Ummagma).




Beauty Re-Envisioned is now available for purchase in CD, Digital and Colored Vinyl formats. All orders made from the Beauty In Chaos website include the core 14 tracks plus an additional 11 bonus remixes HERE.



Recording Credits

Rolan Bolan: lead vocals

Wayne Hussey: harmony vocals and electric guitar

Michael Ciravolo: electric guitar

Andy Cousin: bass

Michael Rozon: drums

Zach Landreneau: piano

Calvin Schultz: saxophone

Additional backing vocals by Ashton Nyte and Angela Carole Brown

Recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Rozon

Video by Industrialism Films

Directed by Vicente Cordero

Filmed at Tiger Lab Studios, Van Nuys CA

Hair and Makeup by Nicole and Sophia Ciravolo

Staging by Prop Heaven

All still photos courtesy of Michael Ciravolo and Beauty In Chaos



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