Torched Live Gallery – Peter Murphy Performs Deep At (Le) Poisson Rouge NYC

Peter Murphy is in full swing with his New York City residency at (Le) Poisson Rouge which mirrors his highly successful San Francisco residency that happened earlier this year. At this new residency, Peter Murphy is performing his solo albums in their entirety which began with 1986’s Should The World Fail to Fall Apart and will be ending with a greatest hits show of solo material and tributes to Bauhaus and David Bowie. The live lineup includes Mark Gemini Thwaite (Guitar), Marc Slutsky (Drums), and Emilio Zef China (Bass/Violin).

Photographer Christine Connallon captures Peter’s performance of 1989s Deep from August 5, 2019. The residency continues with the following dates still remaining.. for tickets and information please visit


Aug 9 – Cascade

Aug 10 – Dust

Aug 12 – Ninth

Aug 13 – Lion

Aug 15 – Greatest Hits

Aug 16 – Mr Moonlight/Bauhaus

Aug 18 – Tribute to David Bowie (SOLD OUT)

Aug 19 – Tribute to David Bowie

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All photos by Christine Connallon

Poster design by Jacob Speis for (Le) Poisson Rouge

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