Torched Album Review Darwin – So Few Comets


So Few Comets

By Petër Jönes

I always have music accompanying my daily life. Usually I can find songs that are well-suited for my moods and the atmospheres of my environment. Very rarely do I find a record which satisfies my needs completely. But here we are. So Few Comets is a perfect soundtrack to the slow-motion apocalypse of modern American life.

Darwin has created an album full of dark but digestible pop tunes filled with insightful lyrics. The sounds are a combination of 80s style new wave and a touch of 60s psychedelia, mixed with a healthy slice of modern production, finished with otherworldly atmospherics.

64547033_2345759618995170_5018476278135652352_nTMJulian Shah-Tayler with Darwin – Photo by Mike Berg

Some highlights:

‘God’s Country’ – we start out with a scathing commentary on the state of things in the USA 2019. Featuring David J playing bass delivering what is undoubtedly one of his best performances. Dark and moody, this song is positively chilling.

‘Picture Frame’ – a driving psych-rocker residing very much in the neighborhood of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or perhaps 1989 era Love and Rockets. A great road trip tune. Best consumed on a road trip full of many selfies.

My favorite song on So Few Comets, if I must have one, is ‘Warning’.

I love the groove, the bounce, the whole thing. Cool vintage synths give this the feel of a modern Talking Heads tune. The lead single acts as the album closer.

This Rose‘ is a touching tribute to Darwin’s hometown of Santa Rosa and is a poignant recollection of the 2017 wildfire which consumed much of the city. It starts out very quiet and reflective but quickly turns into a Lennon-esque pop tune, but never losing the intensity of the message. Great rhythm section work by David J and Marc Slutsky.

Darwin is a virtuosic multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. When he combines his skills with outstanding production and performances by The Singularity, another prodigious talent, we get something that sounds like So Few Comets. It is quite a sight to behold. Or rather to hear.

I can not recommend this album more vigorously.


So Few Comets is now available on all major streaming services as well as digitally and on limited edition vinyl via Bandcamp.



Darwin – Tour Dates

Aug 15 – Alex Maas (of The Black Angels) + Darwin performs ‘So Few Comets’ – album release, The Chapel San Fran, CA.

Aug 17 – Darwin So Few Comets Album Release, Santa Rosa, CA.

Sept 12 – Darwin / The Singularity / Mike Berg – Live!, Hollywood, CA

Sept 13 – Darwin (album release) – Live at Pop Obscure Records Los Angeles, CA



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