Torched Review – Static Shore ‘Any Stage’


Static Shore is one of those bands that could easily find its way into your daily rotation. Seattle based electronic/synthpop duo, Eric Smith (keys, programming) and Shannon Alexander (vocals, keys, programming), recently released their fourth Static Shore LP/EP entitled ‘Panikon’ via digitally through their bandcamp page. Their songs have a synthpop yet reflective tone with a catchiness that lends itself to instant appeal. They’ve had favorable comparisons ranging somewhere between CHVRCHES and Purity Ring.

Today we’re diving into the lead off single ‘Any Stage’ off ‘Panikon’ which is accompanied by a video with mesmerizing shoreline visuals. It starts off with a simple lightness and consistent beat along with a sense of deep contemplation that has an almost erie feeling. Shannon’s lush and angelic vocals moves through the sonic layers in waves like the wind on a timeless shore. The accompanying video rounds out the experience by telling a tale of deep seaside thought and wonderment.

“There’s a saying that humans are a “species with amnesia”. We wonder where we came from and where we’re going. Some think we live once and some think we live many lives. “Any Stage” is about trying to adjust to live in gratitude without reaching toward the future for fulfillment or the past with regret,” Shannon explains.




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