Living With Eating Disorders (LWED) Return With Six Soon To Be Released Remastered Early EPs, Starting With ‘Superhero’


London based duo, Andrea Kerr and Jared Hawkes of ‘Living With Eating Disorders’ (LWED) have announced that they will be releasing a series of six remastered EPs starting May 1st 2019 with ‘Superhero’. This is indeed a very special occasion for LWED as all EPs were originally limited numbered CD-Rs sold direct to fans at gigs or online. They’ve been remastered for digital release and will be available one EP per month on all streaming sites.

What I really enjoy the most about LWED is how sweet, innocent and intimate their music and vocals can be and then with a sudden switch can become very aggressive, angry and revengeful. Their music is packed full of raw emotion that exposes a full spectrum of their most intimate thoughts and feelings leaving no stones unturned.

Andrea Kerr and Jared Hawkes formed the ambient darkwave band ‘Living With Eating Disorders’ (LWED) in 2001 and on the strength of demos attracted the interest of legendary producer John Fryer who signed them to his new label ‘Something To Listen To’. In 2004, they released their debut EP ‘White Like Snow’ and have supported such acts as Psychic TV and Whitehouse. They eventually changed their name to COLT and in 2005 returned with critical acclaim from the independent media with their debut album ‘These Things Can’t Hurt You Now, So Throw Them In The Fire’ on Halloween. In 2008, ‘COLT’ released an EP ‘You hold on to what’s not real’ on Obvious Records along with a video for ‘Black Rabbits’. This same year COLT re-released ‘These things can’t hurt you now, so throw them in the fire’ through Obvious Records. They are now going back to their roots as LWED with their early soon to be released remastered EPs.


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When asked what inspired LWED to go back to their roots and remaster/release their original EPs along with going back to their original name, Andrea responds.. “Jared and I had started writing new material, just the two of us, electronic the way it was at the start, and things were moving in the direction of possibly releasing something. I decided to prepare our social media sites and see what pages we still had for the new material. I noticed a comment from one of our earliest fans on saying they preferred the original LWED tracks to the Colt versions, so we thought it would be nice to remaster all the tracks and give them a digital release (which they never had) for anyone who preferred them that way.”

“While we were writing new material we hadn’t considered what we were called, but as soon as we made the decision to release the original versions of all the tracks it made sense to release them under the original EP names and the original band name. we will keep it until we get another bunch of complaints that I can’t deal with, so I imagine it will still be there when we release new material. It’s who we were at the start, and that’s very much who we feel we are now.”



Photo by Jared Hawkes


Featuring the songs, ‘Menace’, ‘Dark Nevada’ and ‘Arm’, the ‘Superhero’ EP will be available on all streaming sites from Wednesday, May 1st 2019.

EP Info

The first official digital releases of the ‘Living With Eating Disorders’ EPs which were limited numbered CD-Rs sold direct to fans at gigs or online. Remastered for digital release the Eps will be available one EP per month on all streaming sites from 1st May 2019.


Superhero – 1st May 2019

The third release on Obvious Records featuring the tracks ‘Menace’, ‘Dark Nevada’, and ‘Arm’.


Polaroid – 31st May 2019

The fourth release on Obvious Records featuring tracks ‘Horsemilk’, ‘Gag Reflex’, and ‘Feeling’.

Unmastered version only


Harm – 5th July 2019

The fifth release on Obvious Records featuring tracks ‘Death & Sequins ‘, ‘Body Bag’, and ‘Rock’.

Unmastered version only


Everything You Hide – 2nd August 2019

The sixth release on Obvious Records featuring tracks ‘I Talk To God’, ‘Demon In The Wheels’ and ‘Never Know’.

Unmastered version only


Video for Never Know


More Than This – 6th September 2019

The seventh release on Obvious Records featuring the tracks ‘Lullaby’, ‘Envy’, and ‘Fading Softly’.

Unmastered version only


These Pieces That You’ve Saved – 4th October 2019

The eighth release on Obvious Records featuring the tracks ‘Sticky Lies’, ‘Digging Graves’, and Vulture’.

Unmastered version only


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