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The Awakening’s main man, Ashton Nyte, has promised that the wait between albums will not be as long ever again. It’s been four years since Anthology XV, which was an album reworking/remixing/rerecording older songs but also had a few fresh ones. However, it’s been nine long years since the last proper album Tales Of Absolution + Obsoletion. Since then, he has relocated from South Africa to Los Angeles and released a string of solo albums amongst contributing to other projects, the most recent being his collaboration with Michael Ciravolo on his epic project, Beauty in Chaos. Even though he’s kept busy releasing quality music with others and solo, there is something special about The Awakening. There is a darker edge here that hasn’t really been present in his solo outings. It could be placebo, but I digress.



Ashton Nyte photo by Damin Smit


The brooding “Other Ghosts” opens the album with it’s acoustic intro intermingling some distorted electric guitar as fog to the scene. The chorus builds into a cinematic crescendo that should have Jim Steinman envious. The heartbreaking but damn catchy track “About You” should get the honor of being the albums first video. The hook will stay in your head and the lyrics speak to anyone who has experienced a torn relationship. Later we get the sickly sweet trudge of “A Minor Incision” who’s lyrics play out like a Stephen King story about a deranged woman slowly killing her lover. Penultimate track, “Hear Me” has such a strong, catchy chorus that you can’t help but remember and have it pervade your thoughts for hours and days later.

The Awakening are back with a vengeance. The album cannot be recommended highly enough. It is solid throughout and full of memorable dark melodies and brooding lyrics. Ashton is also launching an Acoustic tour in support of the album, so look for him to come play a city near you. Check out the links below to see what dates have already been booked and to keep in touch with him.





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