Torched Magazine’s Michael Mitchell Shares His 2018 Top Singles And Albums Of The Year!


Torched Magazine’s Michael Mitchell gives us his top singles and albums of 2018! His favorite album of the year goes out to Gitane Demone Quartet – Substrata Strip. All other singles/albums are listed in no particular order.




Gitane Demone Quartet – Bells for Barb (Live version)




Big Bliss – Answer




Eyeless in Gaza – Older Day




Test Dept. – Disturbance




Jon Spencer – Beatle Boots




Death Valley Girls – More Dead




Current 93 – Bright Dead Star




German Army – A Bedsheet




Klammer – Modern God




Beauty In Chaos – Look Up




Section 25 – Floating Sun




Twelve Thousand Days – Pathless




Boy Harsher – Fate




Rendez Vous – Sentimental Animal




Gitane Demone Quartet – Substrata Strip




The Awakening – Chasm




Bad Sav – Bad Sav



Beach House – 7



Beauty in Chaos – Finding Beauty in Chaos



Big Bliss – At Middle Distance



Chris Carter – Chemistry Lessons Vol.1



Julian Cope – Skellington 3


Skellington 3 is currently not available on streaming services but you can order it from Head Heritage



Current 93 – The Light is Leaving Us All



The Damned – Evil Spirits



Death and the Maiden – Wisteria



Death Grips – Year of the Snitch



Death Valley Girls – Darkness Rains



Dentist – Night Swimming



Duende! With David J. – Oracle of the Horizontal



Eyeless in Gaza -Winter Song



Final Cop – Broken Windows



Geniuser – I Am



German Army – Mangas Coloradas



Inade – The Nine Colours of the Threshold



irr. app. (ext.) – A Transfigured System



Christian Kjellvander – Wild Hxumans



Klammer – You Have Been Processed


Lizard Pool – Spark



Bill Nelson – Auditoria



Poptone – Poptone



Rendez Vous – Superior State



Rozz Williams / Gitane Demone – In the Heart / On the Altar



Sol Invictus – Necropolis



Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt



Twelve Thousand Days – Insect Silence



The Venus Fly Trap – Icon