Torched Review – Hexotica ‘Lunar Sea’ and ‘Obscurum Per Obscurius’


Hexotica – Lunar Sea/Obscurum Per Obscurius digital 12″

Sashimmy Records

By Michael Mitchell

Lisa King is one of the most versatile and talented musicians I’ve come across in a long time. This latest release from one of her many side bands, Hexotica, is a nice departure from her usual rocking self. The two songs on this single are so different but you can feel a thread that runs through.

The duo of Lisa and long time friend Penny Courtney bring a trippy, equatorial vibe to lead track “Lunar Sea”. It’s quite amazing how visual the track is. You can almost feel the calm of the moonlight as you float through a balmy night thanks to the chiming guitar textures. Swooshing keyboards let you feel the breeze in your hair and the bass line follows the rise and fall of the waves as other electronic textures call to the birds and bugs nearby. The vocal lines are simple and dreamy. It’s hard not to be swept away by it.


“Obscurum Per Obscurius” is an aural short film. Starting like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, the sound of a distant radio signal being dialed in finds a haunting voice in the ether. The sound is like a siren calling you in to the rocks. Metronomic ticking like a clock plods you along the unknown path and the bass/keyboard foundation soundtrack each foot of the trek. But the haunted Wurltizer keeps repeating the siren’s call. How does it end? Buy the single and find out…you’ll be glad you did.




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