Torched Review – Tulipomania ‘Off The Map’ / ‘On The Outside’ (Spinello Remix)


Torched Review – Tulipomania – ‘Off The Map’ / ‘On The Outside’ (Spinello Remix)

Written by Michael Mitchell


Tulipomania are from Philly. Tulipomania are from Philly. Tulipomania are from Philly. I have to keep repeating that to myself because I’m used to hearing about the likes of The Dead Milkmen or The Roots or Joan Jett being from Philly. Not a band that sound like they do; Gritty, Bluesy, Electro, Industrial. Welcome sound like this isn’t normally turned out from the cheesesteak capital of the world. They make me proud to say I’m from this area! They also make me want to exclaim my belief that our present days can produce music worth taking note of. This is a band I can see being played 10 years from now and still considered relevant. The duo of Tom Murray and Cheryl Gelover have placed a high bar for other regional bands and other “alternative” bands in general.

“Off the Map” is their new maxi-single on Sursumcorda Recordings and is available from the band’s Bandcamp page (see link below). You can feel the heat pulsing off of this track. It slinks along like a drunken orgy of The Cramps and early Wolfgang Press. Buzzsaw guitar begins wailing while a steady beat is laid down. Murray’s understated, hissing voice comes in to permeate the seedy scene being played in our mind. Gelover provides the haunted backing vocal that is omnipresent to the sonic haze. Lilts of glockenspiel play along with the guitar at the break halfway through, getting your eyes to open just a little before the track leaves you stranded at the bar with that opening whir of guitar. Your tab is paid.



The track ‘On the Outside’ from their 2016 release “This Gilded Age” gets remixed by Spinello (a.k.a. Shane Woolman) who is a London-based Producer / Remixer / DJ. The brooding album track has been given a deep inhale, then spun in a wash of analog synth waves and drowned in a dub-by beat. His instrumental remix of the same track makes me think of bass player and Dub-master Gary Bromley and his post-Dif Juz output.

Top all of this off with more gorgeous artwork by legendary graphic designer Vaughan Oliver of v23 and you have one beautifully gritty and sultry package. This will hopefully see a wider release rather than just download only. Quality like this needs some shiny black wax with a side dish of CD for nostalgia’s sake.





Photo by Edward Waisnis


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