Torched Review- Black Needle Noise ‘That Which Watches’ With Antic Clay


Musical mastermind John Fryer continues his prolific legacy with the release of his latest Black Needle Noise single ‘That Which Watches’ featuring the dark and moody baritone vocals of Antic Clay. Black Needle Noise is a collaborative collective between Fryer and many different talented singer/songwriters from all over the world, melding together pure perfection with each stand alone single, released one by one.

This latest track is accompanied by stark sepia-toned and surreal antique visuals that compliment the song’s darkly pierced lyrics. ‘That Which Watches’ takes the listener down a dimly lit and helplessly guilty path leaving no room for redemption. John Fryer’s signature sound throughout the song takes you back to a different time and place, bringing those moments forward as if time didn’t exist while the music progressed.

Antic Clay, who wrote the lyrics and as well as adding his deeply haunting vocals and slide guitar to ‘That Which Watches’, adds “My first impression when I heard John’s instrumental track was that its crackling opening strums and lo-fi piano clunks sounded like they were struggling to rise from some devastated electric saloon. Then the thing explodes into this sweeping and epic theme, blasting to the masses from an apocalyptic machine.  I felt it had to go in that direction – something grand and dark haranguing you from the ancient pulpit. Not judging you; but assuring you, you’ll be judged. That which watches. Wants to be played loud.”



For those who do or don’t know, John is a multi-platinum selling record producer and musician. Starting in 1980 at London’s Blackwing Studios, he worked for some of the most prestigious indie labels at the time like 4AD, Mute, and Rough Trade.

He has produced and worked with many influential artists for which the list is both extensive and impressive including; Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, Wire, NIN and Love And Rockets. John was also a long standing member of Ivo Watts-Russell’s ‘ This Mortal Coil and has had his own bands over the years including; DarkDriveClinic, Muricidae, Silver Ghost Shimmer and now Black Needle Noise.


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John Fryer Photo by Candice Ghai


John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise is a 50/50 partnership between Fryer and many different talented singer/songwriters, including Attasalina, Mimi Page, ZiaLand,Omniflux, JarboeBetsy Martin, Andrea Kerr, Ledfoot, Spectra Paris, Jennie Vee, Ana Breton, Kendra FrostElena Alice FossiAntic Clay, Andreas ElvenesBill LeebSivert HøyemFakeba and Madame ur y sus Hombres.

Recently, Black Needle Noise also released the three-track 7” vinyl single “I Am You.” Featuring vocals by Dr. Strangefryer on the industrial-leaning title track “I Am You,” the single also features Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Delirium) on “A Shiver of Want” and Tara Busch on “Under My Skin.” It is available via No Devotion Records HERE


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