Meet The MU-TONES: Keeping The Strokes’ Flame Alive





A new band out of the UK recently came to our attention, named The Mu-Tones. The Manchester-based three-piece released their debut single ‘Slab City Records’ on June 30 via Ugly Man Records. We can’t help but notice the similarity in sound to The Strokes – at least the band’s early output when they were still exciting to us.

The Mu-Tones are a noisy garage pop trio, led by guitarist/songwriter Anthony Grantham (Marion) and joined by bassist Alex Redhead (Amplifier) and drummer Peter Gray (Letters to Fiesta). The band plays short sharp songs crammed full of loud, angry, weird magic.

The Mu-TonesTM


We spoke to them this week:

Hello. Thank you for interviewing with us. Where are you located today and how has your week been? 

Today I’m in Horwich in Greater Manchester and I’m watching the hills, which are on fire. My week has been very busy getting orange vinyl effect Cd’s ready for the launch tomorrow.


Here is a challenge for you – Please describe The Mu-Tones in 10 words. What would they be? 

Loud exciting sexy dark serious lighthearted stubborn ridiculous weary raw


Please introduce your band members? How did you all meet? Were you friends with each other before making music together? 

It’s Tony guitar/vocals Pete drums and Alex bass/vocals, we met through playing in other bands together, and became friends as a result


Your latest music is pretty cool. What was the inspiration behind your new music.

There’s different inspirations to every song though, so that sort of question can’t really be applied – unless you’re releasing a concept album of course.


Do you tour very much? Any upcoming gigs you might want to mention? 

We just played a show on the 30th of June at Jimmy’s in Manchester to launch this single.


Which do you prefer – playing live and touring or else making and recording music in the studio? Of course, they both have their uses.

I LOVE WRITING, more than anything, second to that I love that moment in the practice room when it’s just the three of us and it’s new and exciting, and nobody else has heard it yet.


Who are your favorite artists? Have any of them influenced you? 

I love loads of different music, but there will always be a special place in my heart for anything Bob Mould does, and yes he’s completely influenced me. Anyone, new or old, that can wrong foot me in some way usually gets through my ears to the brain.


Any plans for the summer or the rest of 2018?

I’m going on holiday. It’s going to be lovely 😉


Can you recommend us a few bands you like for us to check out?

Broken Dreams Club (Amy Daniels from the Travis Waltons) are ace lo fi poppy goodness


Any last words to share with our readers?  

First I was afraid, I was petrified.



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