Poptone Tour Gallery 2017


…And the moment you’ve all been waiting for..and if you didn’t know, Torched Magazine put a call out for Poptone fan photos / 2017 a few months back and here are the results! Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all of your submissions to the  Poptone Tour Gallery 2017 edition. We will also be putting another fan made photo gallery together for 2018, so please keep your images coming in either through torchedmagazine@gmail.com or any of our Poptone and related fan pages. Poptone_Torched ~ Kevin Haskins Fans ~ Torched ~ Torched Magazine. All efforts have been made to keep most submissions in but if you so happened to have been missed, let us know and we’ll be happy to add the additions. Also, images are fair use only and all efforts have been made to properly credit photographers and designers to their respective works.

Poptone is currently on tour…for further information go to their Official Facebook Page.


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Photos Judy Lyon




Photos Poptone Official and Christopher J Beltran


Ami LawlessTM

Photo Amy Lawless





Photos David Rugh




Photos Ella Testa



Photos Janet Violet





Photos Veto Hall




Photos by Nahum Arlene Nicholas





Photos/art Mr Crusader/ Phil R Harris / The Rusky Penguin



Photos Vincent Damien Forrest



Photos Scott Dalzell



Photos Sandi Siouxx



Photos Joel Rhodes


Kevin Wilbert1TMKevinWilbert1TMkevinwilbert2TM (1)kevinwilbert2TMKevinWilbert3TMKevinWilbert4TMKevinWilbert5TMKevinWilbert6TMKevinWilbert7TMKevinWilbert8TMKevinWilbert9TMKevinWilbert10TM

Photos Kevin Wilbert



Photos Mike Bax



Photos Liane Chan



Photos kvncrsn / LA Buzz



Photos Jon Brouwer



Photos Jim Kita



Photos Jennifer Brandon Elliott





Photos Jeannie LeBlanc Moss



Photo David Alfasi



Photos Dave Kaple



Photos Amy Mer, Catherine Tremblay, Chris Colonna, Clint Sample



Photo Adam Pacione



Photos Weheartmusic



Photos Jim Donnelly (Hollywood Times)






Photos The Creative Lounge



Photo Dave Madden (Slug Magazine)





Photos Alison Toon


artwork by Eric Von MunzTM

Poster Artwork by; Eric Von Munz/ Poptone Official



Photos from Poptone Official




Photos Raymond Ahner/SF Sonic



Photos LA Concert Pictures





Photos Eric Han



Photos Chip Lumen



Photo Poptone Official

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