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Today Torched Magazine has the pleasure of premiering Jason Wagers’ solo project Nova Flares new single ”Krokodil Tears’ which is a combination of psych and surf rock brought together in perfect unison. After giving this track a spin the soundscape instantly takes me away to transcending and inspiring places. I find myself on the shoreline of a pond watching water drops that come on strong note by note and then slowly ripple away together in an almost sensual way.

“Slow-Building. Explosive. Passionate. I imagined beautiful explosions in the sky when i was making this song…. & maybe methodical love making at some point,” says Jason Wagers. “I wanted a gut feeling of satisfaction at the end, so that’s what I aimed for.



Photo by Destiny Robb


“This song along with every track being released on the EP are meant to be strictly musical however, and are intended to form their own meaning to the listener. I intentionally made these tracks very spacious and vibey so that the listener could attach whatever memory or emotion that they get while listening to a song to that music for a more personal experience. To me that means that to every different listener, it’s a completely different song, and I like the idea of that. Also, conceptually it works well with the idea of a “nova flare” as well, considering after all, a nova flare is only a memory of giant reaction.I ronically, this new project was also born from the destruction of his former project, The Corridors.

“Nova Flares is my next step up as a project. I am more excited than ever to share my new music with the world! These songs are past experiences expressed through sound. Each song is applicable as a personal sonic memoir to the listener,” explains Wagers. “I imagined video sequences while recording every song for this project and, as a result, all of the songs sound very cinematic and picturesque.”



This music is heavily influenced by neo-psychedelic bands of the 90’s through to those currently active, such as Black Market Karma, Mystic Braves, Holy Wave and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Jason Wagers has dubbed his sound “surfgaze”, the style borrowing gazey elements that can be traced back to My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Beach Fossils and The Jesus and Mary Chain, while also being influenced by surf and beach-gothpsych bands like The Growlers, La Luz, The Warlocks and the Allah-Las.



Photo by Destiny Robb

While ‘Krokodil Tears’ will only release on May 4 via online stores and streaming platforms, this and previous single ‘Gut Splinter’ are available via Nova Flares’ own Bandcamp



  1. Summer Colors
  2. Careless Caress
  3. Gut Splinter
  4. Krokodil Tears
  5. Ghost Only Wishes
Feature photo by Destiny Robb

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