Torched Premier – Kini ‘A Room of One’s Own’


Swedish label The Sublunar Society is releasing the new double A-side single ‘I Too Overflow/ Dudu (Play)’ from London-based artist Kini simultaneously with the release of her debut album ‘A Room of One’s Own’. Torched Magazine has the pleasure of premiering the full album ‘A Room of One’s Own’. Kini takes you track by track down a completely different road into a dimension of unique and beautifully composed strangeness reminiscent of Bjork with hints of Siouxsie Sioux. Her brand of experimental electro pop is endearing and genuine with a uniqueness that truly stands on it’s own.


‘I Too Overflow’ is a proud acknowledgment of my own tendency to overflow, with fear, anger, frustration, idleness… We all do, but society says it’s ugly to show that you do. I’ve always felt this pressure to suppress, conceal and withhold facets of myself; there’s always been pressure to conform in this way,” says Kini.




“The song ‘Dudu (Play)’ is about the, at times, tyrannical pressure to compartmentalize ourselves; how in order to face the world, we feel obliged to disassociate aspects of ourselves to present a more “acceptable” version of ourselves in order to participate. I personally feel weighed down by this obligation. I’d rather be unified in my own version of unsuitability and incorrectness”.


By sitting quietly and critically listening to her environment, a track can often begin with recordings made, for example, during a busy commute. Utilizing sound manipulation techniques, she has learned throughout her education and her own experimentation. Her tracks draw on an eclectic mixture of sound sources, incorporating in both electronic and acoustic elements. For instance, her song ‘Icaro’ was made using a sampled broken piano, vocals and an ironing board.


While the finished piece may retain little resemblance to the original sound idea, it’s through this process and ample experimentation that Kini makes sense of the chaotic world around her, by channeling what she absorbs into the music making process. This experimental approach was inspired more recently by artists such as Holly Herndon and Gazelle Twin and fostered throughout university, culminating in a Masters in electronic music composition, and her own unique blend of the natural, the industrial and the electronic.




Today Kini is a creative audio post professional with experience with BBC, The History Channel and Shepperton International Sound Studios. As a dubbing mixer, sound editor and sound designer, she has prepared audio for TV broadcast, film, online delivery and other content distribution channels.


‘I Too Overflow/ Dudu (Play)’ will be out as of April 6, the same day as the international release of ‘A Room of One’s Own’ album. Both will be available through online stores, streaming platforms, and The Sublunar Society’s own Bandcamp. The full album will also be made available on limited edition CD via the label’s website.




  1. Icaro   02:57
  2. Kal   02:16
  3. Induction   06:34
  4. Memory Bits   03:37
  5. I Too Overflow   03:31
  6. Nuna   03:16
  7. Heavy Curtain   08:25
  8. Dudu (Play)   04:04
  9. Rimay   04:39
  10. Guzheng Song   04:10


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