Torched Exclusive Premiere Car Crash Sisters ‘Blackholeyday’


Torched Magazine is delighted to premier, Aquascalientes, Mexico’s, Car Crash Sisters new single ‘Blackholeday’ off their soon to be released ‘Sundance Sea’ on March 16th (Blackjack Illuminist Records). This first single is just enough to wet your appetite for more as the new album comes loaded with all of the ’90s alternative and college rock elements at their finest. Think grungy vocals, harmonic changes, sunny choruses, dissonant guitars, howling feedback, tension – and ultimately: relief. Car Crash Sisters sound falls somewhere between Swervedriver, Screaming Trees and The Lemonheads.

“I have always said that I’m a big fan of contrasts,” says Kique. “I like to blend pop structures with weird and noisy stuff. I love it when a song takes you by surprise, a lot of people feel kind of confused when they listen to our poppy vocal harmonies over distorted, dissonant chords. Sometimes, when I record the vocals, I tend to lose track of what’s going on. There are multiple guitar layers and my best guide is the bass line, that’s what helps me following the notes.”




Kique continues, “When I first started playing this (Blackholeday) during a rehearsal, I told Noel (CCS’ drummer) how to start the song, but he suggested doing something a bit more britpop oriented, and it totally changed my perspective of it. A simple thing like that was very special for me. Working together as a band, trying different options can really make things more interesting, and – unlike our first EP – that’s how we did everything with this album, I feel that it captures our real sound as a band.”

“I usually come up with an idea, maybe a riff, a couple of chords and a melody, and some other times I can write an entire song in about minutes,” says Kique. “But when I show those ideas to the band, that’s the moment when a song comes to life. Blackholeyday in particular, faced a very weird songwriting (process). I think I started writing this song between 2010-2012, but for some reason I was never able to finish it until 2016. I just didn’t know how to connect the last chorus with the outro, because the whole song sounds a bit upbeat and the last part gets heavier and dissonant. I tried everything! I even thought that I could make separate songs with each section, but nothing worked, until just three simple chords served as a bridge and fixed the whole thing. Sounds easy! But sometimes the infamous ‘writer’s block’ sticks with you for years.

Car Crash Sisters are; Kique J. (lead vocals/guitar), Alma Saucedo (vocals/guitar), Noel Legaspi (drums), and John Bla Bla (bass/synth).




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