Autumn Returns With New EP ‘The Fall’


Review: ‘The Fall’ EP by Autumn

By Bill Schuneman


I was extremely excited to learn that the Minneapolis-based band Autumn would be releasing a new album after taking a break of nearly 20 years. I was lucky enough to get my hands on their 4-song demo cassette back in the day and have been a fan ever since. Their songs “How it Came to Be this Way”, “A Waiting Time”, and “Seconds” from their first album “The Hating Tree” are still in rotation on my phone. I always felt that there was a sense of urgency in their first album, which diminished some by their second album “Return to the Breath”.


Autumn gives us an early sampling of their upcoming album with the 3 Track EP titled “The Fall”. The press materials quote bassist Jeff Leyda as saying, “This release is about transition, both for the band’s sound as well as our personal lives; love, loss, hope. The sound is more refined yet diverse in delivery styles. It appears the band had a few more things left to say, and our voices seem a little more confident this time around”.



Autumn Publicity Photo


“The Fall”, kicks off with a song by the same name. Neil McKay gets things started with the familiar dreamy guitar, which is present in all Autumn tracks. Julie Plant’s voice has held up well over hiatus and Jeff Leyda’s bass fills in the bottom end nicely. However, the urgency that was present in their earlier tracks is absent here and, as a result, the song doesn’t stand up to their classics.


The second track “Before and After” slows things up a bit relative to the first track with some notable differences. The lyrics feel less genuine and feel a little forced. The ever-present drum machine worked on their first album but now the beats feel a little outdated and thin.


The third track is a dance remix of “The Fall”, created by William Faith, who is noted for his involvement in numerous groups including Faith and the Muse, Christian Death, The March Violets, The Bellwether Syndicate. This “Broken RmX” is a serious reworking that is definitely intended for the dance floor.



Photo by Christin Davies


After listening, I was left wanting more from their new output. I hope that in their 20 year absence they have a treasure trove of gems waiting to sparkle when the full album is released later this year (their label, Chicago-based Sett Records, has confirmed that the release will happen several weeks to a month later than originally planned). Let’s see if this first offering is consistent with what’s coming or if something more magical is about to reveal itself.


You can find autumn “the fall” on regular online stores and streaming platforms, including their own Bandcamp. The single will soon follow up with a video for lead track “the fall” and a new full length album, titled “chandelier”, slated for release Spring 2018. Touring should follow, both in the USA and abroad.




  1. the fall 04:29
  2. before and after 05:07
  3. the fall (Broken RmX by William Faith) 04:26



Julie Plante • Vocals

Jeff Leyda • Bass

Neil McKay • Guitars

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by William Faith at Zone Zero, Chicago, IL

Mastered by Chad Blinman at The Eye Socket, Boston, MA

Photography and Graphics by Clovis IV




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