From London’s Underground, Introducing Anna Tosh


Hailing in from London’s underground comes Anna Tosh, a well seasoned 15 year veteran singer/songwriter and guitarist who has played alongside many local talents. ’One Big Fire’ is her very first solo EP release after deciding to finally venture out on her own…and we’re happy she did!

Anna Tosh grabs you by the ear and takes you on a journey that weaves you into personal relationships, eventually bringing you to a final resting place of self-discovery. ‘One Big Fire’ has a raw indie vibe that you would find in places like CBGS’s back in the day with a definite edge of cool reminiscent of Blondie or Patti Smith with a Red Hot Chili Pepper funk.

Torched Magazine is happy to discover Anna Tosh and have the opportunity to ask a few questions regarding her journey as a musician, inspiration for her first solo release ‘One Big Fire’, and what it was like to rediscover her singing voice…plus more!




TM – You say that you’ve re-discovered your singing voice, which had lain dormant for a long time…can you briefly explain this experience?

Anna – I hadn’t fronted a band for a long time, I had been mainly playing guitar in bands where other people are singing so my voice was being used occasionally for backing vocals and not much else. I wondered if maybe my voice had got up and left but it appears not. It’s been quite emotional, singing is lots more of a risk for me than playing guitar.


TM – Do you have any hobbies outside of music that help to rejuvenate your creativity?

Anna – Reading. I’ve been reading mostly pop science, literary criticism and fantasy recently and I get a lot of sparks flying in my brain off that.


TM – What kind of advice would you give to a newer musician who is just starting out?

Anna – The best is the enemy of the good. Perfectionism is death to finishing anything. Just because something seems obvious to you, it doesn’t mean that it seems that way to anyone else. Play to your strengths and take at least one risk every time you write or play live.




TM – What was your inspiration behind your latest release ‘One Big Fire”? Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

Anna – Someone told me about the Japanese concept of wabu sabi (making things with ‘imperfections’ deliberately included). I kept that in mind throughout all stages of making the EP.


TM – Are your lyrics generic or based on real experiences? Could you expand on your answer?

Anna – They are all based on real experiences, or thoughts or feelings that I have had. There are no lyrics on the album that aren’t there for a reason.


TM – Who or what are some of your creative influences?

Anna – Patti smith, Trent Reznor, C.G Jung, dreams, everyone I play with or make music with.




TM – Did you grow up in a musical environment? When and where did it all start for you?

Anna – No, not particularly. I come from an academic family. But, I had an older brother who was well into metal, post punk and he played the drums. So I formed my first band with him.



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