Return To Prague, David J Launches New Indiegogo Campaign

David J has announced the launch of the ‘Return To Prague‘ indiegogo campaign in support of his new ‘solo’ album. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one or more exclusive and one of a kind offerings all while helping this noble cause. Some of the perks include signed posters, signed copy of the new vinyl album, t-shirts, signed copy of the expanded new 2nd edition of David J’s memoir ‘Who Killed Mister Moonlight’, silkscreen prints, Silver For Gold story boards, rare Love And Rockets photograph, David J’s pinstripe suit, signed original lyrics, a living room show, and a flight to Prague for the recording session. Please see the excerpt from the ‘Return To Prague‘ indiegogo campaign web-site below…

During a recent European tour I managed to grab a few hours of studio time while in Prague. I was blessed to have several excellent local musicians sit in on the session, including the great Karel Holas the renowned violinist. We recorded a new song, ‘Clandestine Valentine’ which I had written a couple of days before while in Porto, Portugal. The track turned out so well that I would now love to return to Prague and complete work on a new ‘solo’ album. I feel inspired to do this!

I have been fortunate enough to have made a living from music for four decades now and that has only been possible because of the support of you the public.  It is something that I have never taken for granted and now in these times when community crowd sourcing is so vital for independent artists such as my self it is appreciated all the more.  I feel that this latest album has the potential to be my little masterpiece.  The songs are all written and are now crying out to be committed to tape.  The experience of recording in Prague while on tour there was so very inspiring to me and I long to return in order to carry on and see the project through to completion.  A couple of tracks have already been recorded elsewhere, namely LA and also one track in Berlin.  The latter being a collaboration with the ridiculously talented Anton Newcomb from The Brian Jones Town Massacre and Asia Argento who is possessed of probably the sexiest voice on the planet!  Still we have a ways to go and the beautiful city of Prague is calling!  The funds received via this campaign will go towards the studio costs, musicians fees, hotel, flights and possible a few bottles of the excellent local beer!

The perks on offer here include some rare and unique items such as the pinstriped suit that I wore on stage in the days when I was a very skinny lad indeed!  There is also a chance to actually fly to Prague and be a fly on the wall during one of the sessions!  Also up for grabs here is the actual X-Ray photograph (signed) that was taken of my injured hand.  This was incurred in the Prague studio.  Fortunately I had recorded all of my parts and was being interviewed by a local radio station when the incident happened.  I was simply gesticulating in a rather theatrical manner as I told a story and SNAP! Something drastic happened to the middle finger of my right hand.  It was excruciating and I very reluctantly had to cancel the second of my shows in Prague that evening.  My next port of call was Bucharest and I spent my initial three hours in that fair city in the urgent care ward of the local hospital.  There were no broken bones but it was a pretty severe case of ‘trigger finger’ (damaged tendon)  Apparently it is a common condition amongst musicians and results from ‘repetitive action’.  I am on the mend now thankfully.  I know that I have many loyal supporters out there who come back time and time again to help with these creative endeavors so please believe me when I say that your ‘repetitive action’ of making a pledge will not go unappreciated!  Please feel free to help spread the word regarding this campaign and post liberally on the web.  You are all part of this dream!

Thank you!


Photo by Zachary Gene Betz
David J with Karel Holas live in Prague, 2017 by Zachary Gene Betz

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Feature photo David J with Karel Holas live in Prague, 2017 by Zachary Gene Betz

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