Black Needle Noise Premiers New Video ‘A Shiver Of Want’ Featuring Bill Leeb

John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise premiers it’s new video for ‘A Shiver Of Want’ featuring Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, DELERIUM, Skinny Puppy). The video was shot in three different countries over three different seasons and brought together in perfect visual unison. Bill Leeb recently spoke with TM about ‘A Shiver Of Want’, his contribution to the BNN project and was recently featured on the new Black Needle Noise album ‘Lost In Reflections.

Taken from Torched Magazine’s Black Needle Noise Artist Spotlight With Bill Leeb, ‘A Shiver Of Want’.

“This song evokes a sense of a life passing in front of you… Perhaps walking through a moonlit graveyard at night with an early-morning dew as you visit old friends and feeling like your own life is quickly passing by. We all are trying to find a sense of resolve and mortality giving some sort of strength and not fearing a sense of life as time passes by. With thoughts of so many people that were lost over the past year, it brings your own mortality to the forefront of your thoughts.”

“The very first time John and I met was in Oslo, Norway while we were on tour with FLA. A mutual friend had put us in touch with one another and we met for the first time there. Knowing of John’s reputation as a top notch producer and the anticipation of meeting him peaked my interest and I was excited to see if we had a creative connection. After hanging out with John backstage for a while, John ask if I was interested in working with him doing lyrics and vocals for a song. Ironically I told him that up until now I had never done vocals or written lyrics for anyone else before and I couldn’t promise that I would do it for him. But I wanted to see what might happen so I ask him to send me a song and we would see what happened. Some time went by and once I was back in Canada and he sent me this song. I reached out to him and told him the link had expired and he had already given the song to someone else. He then he me an additional track. I listened to it, became inspired and wrote lyrics and the rest is history…”

Read the full Black Needle Noise Artist Spotlight with Bill Leeb…Here.. 

Bill Leeb with John Fryer Photo By Hanna Røskaft

“The video footage was shot in 3 countries, a foggy fall morning in Norway, a bright spring day in Germany and a winter night in L.A. It’s been a pleasure working with Bill, he’s a true gentleman and it’s an honor he chose to sing on my track out of all the offers he has had. It took awhile for him to fit into his hectic life but the wait was worth it…wouldn’t you say??” says John Fryer.

Black Needle Noise is a 50/50 partnership between Fryer and many different talented singer/songwriters, including Attasalina, Mimi Page, ZiaLand, Omniflux, Jarboe,Betsy Martin, Andrea Kerr, Ledfoot, Spectra Paris, Jennie Vee, Ana Breton, Kendra Frost, Elena Alice Fossi, Antic Clay, Andreas Elvenes, Bill Leeb, and Sivert Høyem.

Producer John Fryer also recently launched a Pledge Music Campaign For Black Needle Noise with many exclusive offerings …. BLACK NEEDLE NOISE 

“This Is your chance to get involved and be apart of the very LTD merchandise exclusive to pledge only and some interactive experiences like working with John Fryer on a mix or remix of one of your songs”


John Fryer photo by Hanna Røskaft
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