An Electronic Experimental Journey With Fatal Casualties

Get ready to go on an electronic experimental journey with the Fatal Casualties latest release ‘Filter’. Starting with the first track, ‘Home From Home’, the album slowly and almost eerily pulls you into a deeply layered industrial and multi-genre track-by-track soundscape. Adding to the complexity of their unique combination of styles are lyrics written in Swedish, English, and occasionally Finnish. “Those who will dive into the lyrics will discover that these are relevant and apply an additional poetic layer.” Hints of their early influences can be heard throughout such as Depeche Mode, Front 242, The Cure, and Skinny Puppy.

Forming in Stockholm, Sweden in 1986, lifelong friends Stefan Ljungdahl (synthesizers / drum computers) and Ivan Hirvonen (vocals) would be active from 1987-1991 which produced some demos and live performances before taking an almost 20 year hiatus. 2010 marks the year they would reunite and in 2012 release their first EP ‘Paria’, followed by the ‘SITM Remixes’ CD and the vinyl album ‘Psalm’.


Photos by Alex Dawson


Torched magazine is happy to have had the opportunity to chat with Ivan and Stefan about their life long friendship, bringing Fatal Casualties back to life after a 20 year hiatus, and a few things that go into their creative process…plus more..

TM – You’ve pretty much been life long friends from the time you were 6 and 8 years old. What is one childhood story that you still talk about to this day?

Ivan: We partly reflected one of those stories in one of the tracks “Alphyddan” (from the album “Filter”). The moment when you went to a friend asking and hoping that a friend would come out and play on the courtyard. Though the song lyrics has some deeper layers to that.

Stefan: in our teens, friday nights, finding something to drink before taking the bus downtown…… the excitement and expectations. You lose that feeling somewhere along the way.

TM – From 1986-1991 you recorded about 30 tracks that were sent out as demos to record labels but none were officially released. Did you infuse any of your early work into your later releases?

Ivan: We´ve some god material made in our early days, though we decided with our reunion that our early tracks will stay in the grave. BUT, obviously we did some exception. An Example is the remake of the track “Porta breath!!!” (originally from 1986), that was released on the Seja compilation “A Visual And Auditory Reminder Of The Beauty Of Life” ( So who knows, one day we maybe try to walk in our old shoes again!?



TM – You say your lyrics are often times written in more than one language, Swedish, English, and occasionally Finnish. How do you feel this contributes to the overall experience of the songs?

Ivan: I think the different used languages contributes with a “wider and deeper” layers, and it also contributes with the experimental feel that I think is one of the interesting ingredients in Fatal Casualties sound.

TM – Who or what are some of your influences that helped kindle your creative beginnings?

Ivan: My own curiosity to explore my expressions in different environments. And some how my self-absorption who needs to be feeded in one way or the other.

For the gear-heads in the house, can you briefly go into some of the technical aspects of your creative process?

Ivan: Regarding the song/lyrics, I try to find a sound/voice that fits the sound for the track that Stefan first have created.

Stefan: often it starts with a brief idea that pops up in my head. Then it can basically take a lot of different directions while being worked on. Sometimes it can just start with a single sound that you play around with. In the end its all about a “feeling”.

TM – How would you describe your music for a new audience?

Fatal Casualties music is an electronical experimental journey, a electronical/industrial/synth/ebm -mixture.

TM – Do you have anything new on the horizon that you would like to share?

Ivan: We´re searching… Might end up doing some live shows in 2018.

Stefan: working on a whole bunch of new songs at the moment. We’ll see if we release something and in that case when.



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