68creep Premiers Debut LP ‘Goodnight, Sweet Betty’


Torched Magazine is proud to premier 68creep’s debut LP ‘Goodnight, Sweet Betty’ inspired by the Great David Lynch “the Renaissance man of modern American filmmaking”(AllMovie). His influence hovers overhead like a smoke filled room as the band reaches deep into that dystopian industrial wasteland for ideas. 68creep even goes so far as to use the mantra “What would David do?” when they hit a roadblock or need ideas. The album’s name ‘Goodnight, Sweet Betty’ is derived from a quote from Lynch’s film ‘Mulholland Drive’. 68creep also has a very Lynchian backstory with John McRandle and Patrick Casey meeting at a New York advertising agency, as they were both marketing drugs designed to combat schizophrenia.


photos by Emily Becker


The first single ‘Stone Cold Kiss’ kicks off the album with all the deeply surreal twists and turns that you would expect from Lynch inspired music with sounds somewhere between The Cramps and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. John McRandle’s earth moving baritone guitar drives you into the ground as the haunting vocals of Kimberly Seewald tells the horrific tale of murder in the middle of the night. Colyn Hunt anchors the deep rhythmic foundation as Patrick Casey’s raw pounding percussion takes you to dark and strange yet somehow inviting places. “I realized the song Stone Cold Kiss touches on, among other things, the murder of Nixzmary Brown, a seven year old from Brooklyn. But I didn’t know it had anything to do with her when I wrote it. Strange how you realize these things in retrospect” says Patrick Casey (a.k.a. Catspacey). The follow up track ‘Black Cat’ is sure to make your spine tingle as it slowly and seductively pulls you in by a dark driving force from the outer reaches of your imagination. ‘Goodnight, Sweet Betty’ is strangely magnificent in all of it’s weird tantalizing beauty.



“This album wouldn’t have sounded like this if it weren’t written in New York. We are always talking about how a relationship with New York is love/hate. And it’s a real relationship. This environment is gonna seep into your songs, like an ex lover might slip into a dream. Whether you want them there or not,” says Casey. “To me, New York seems to be constantly saying, ‘I’m gonna hook you up with the most talented, mind-blowing people on the planet. But don’t look for a happy ending here’…”

‘Goodnight, Sweet Betty’ will be available on all the usual streaming and store platforms, but is already available via 68creep’s Bandcamp.




  1. Stone Cold Kiss
  2. Black Cat
  3. Welcome to my Nightmare/Halloween (Alice Cooper/Dead Kennedys)
  4. Birthday
  5. I Put a Spell on You (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins)
  6. Sarina Said [Bushwick Manor Mix]
  7. Watch You Fall [Bushwick Manor Mix c]



Kimberly Seewald, John McRandle, Colyn Hunt, Patrick CaseyWith melodic contributions from Sara Aridi, Anya Kaz, Fiona Silver, Carrie Slimski, and Anna Maliere

Managed by Tracey Keevan Album painting by Calina Hiriza

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