Torched Playlist #2 ‘Summers End’

Summers End: Playlist

It’s ‘Summers End’ here at Torched Magazine where fall is just around the corner and new music is ripe for the picking! We’ve gathered a few of our favorite new music artists for you to enjoy from all over world. So please sit back, find your favorite spot and relish the final moments with our ‘Summers End’ playlist. As for me, I’ll be joining you with an iced tea on my porch swing!


David JFeel Like Robert Johnson at The Three Forks Saloon

‘Feel Like Robert Johnson at The Three Forks Saloon’ is just one of many great tracks depicting David J’s thoughts and experiences while traveling on the road. ‘Where Were You The Day That David Bowie Died’, the first single, was previously released to critical acclaim. He is currently touring in support of ‘Vagabond Songs’, please check for dates and more information.

The Sinking Feeling – Standard

Hailing from Glasgow, UK, The Sinking Feeling with their own brand of emo punk music have gained fans across the UK and a strong cult following in Glasgow. They’ve toured and supported with the likes of Mineral, Make Do and Mend, Tigers Jaw, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), Nai Harvest and many more modern emo artists.

‘The Sinking Feeling’ is testament to the fact that you can take crushing self-doubts and turn them into something else. With three totally unique personalities and backgrounds, the band converge on subjects of depression and loss. Each with their own trials, each member contributing to the unique dynamic that is proof that there is beauty and worth in every tribulation.

Labyrinth Lounge – Trouble Won’t Last

Between Oakland and The Big Apple, bandmates of this funky soul collective managed to revive the embers of a separate project, breathing new life into it and bringing us their recently released debut album ‘Porgy’.

In the words of vocalist Valerie Troutt, this is “a funky soulful laid back approach to Trump’s America. It’s what our grandmothers said when life gave them lemons. It’s a reminder to keep pushing against all odds until you see the outcome you desire.” Certainly we’ll be looking for more from this group, which is new on our radar.

The Black Watch – Way Strange World

Los Angeles’ The Black Watch, a project centering around John Andrew Fredrick, present us a refreshing track that belongs among a handful of great groups we usually associate with Northern England and Scotland. American exponents of this Northern sound, they recently releasing their 15th album in the band’s 30 years of existence. Called ‘The Gospel According to John’ follows up ‘Highs & Lows’ (2015). During eleven months of recording, they worked with the notable Rob Campanella of The Brian Jonestown Massacre on production and with mixing by Scott Campbell (Stevie Nicks, Shelby Lynne, Carina Round).

Grand Pricks – En Flique

Taking influence from acts such as Weezer, Fuzz, Gang of Four, Teenage Fanclub and Rush, Grand Pricks have been honing their sound over the last three years with the help of Gold Mold Records. Continued support from the label has allowed the band to expand their sound with even greater levels of fuzz-tinged guitar rock.

nTTx – MoveDark

Stealing elements of EBM, synthpop and industrial, nTTx completes this sonic landscape with strong, melodic vocals, that range from soft and delicate, to powerfully commanding. nTTx is the solo project of Gord Clement (Toronto,Canada).

nTTx’s first single, ‘Falls Beautiful’ with a b-side Depeche Mode cover was released independently in May 2015. The single spent 4 weeks in the top 15 on the German Electronic Webcharts (GEWC). The song received critical acclaim from the press with descriptions like “master work” and “features slightly reminiscent of Nitzer Ebb or Spetsnaz mixed with groups like Depeche Mode”. This success resulted in being signed to Wax Trax II Records, and the release of his debut EP ‘Objective’ in April 2016. The EP received high praise from the press. His second EP ‘Of Beauty and Chaos’ was released in July 2017 and the single ‘MoveDark’ reached the top 15 of the German Electronic Webcharts. A video for the song was also shot, directed and edited by Clement.

Black Needle Noise – Neon Noir

Legendary Producer John Fryer recently released his new video for ‘Neon Noir’ off his latest release from Black Needle Noise, ‘Lost In Reflections’. This retro style video, featuring Dr. Strangefryer himself, broadcasts and spins it’s transmission from a era reminiscent of the early days of Depeche Mode and Clan Of Xymox. Glimmers of a cold neon nightlife and rubber fetish delights playfully bounce throughout the song while Dr. Strangefryer’s voice fades and echoes from a seemingly distant dark ethereal place.

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