Jason Herring & The Mystery Plan Impress With New ‘Queensland Ballroom’ LP

Hailing in from Charlotte, North Carolina comes an audacious and unique act, Jason Herring & The Mystery Plan. They will be releasing their new 11-track album ‘Queensland Ballroom’ on September 8 through Ten Millimeter Omega Recordings. The lead off single ‘Electric Love’ is filled with the hauntingly atmospheric and otherworldly vocals of Amy Herring that guide you through a dreamscape of sonic textures found at dusk.

On their latest album ‘Queensland Ballroom’, Jason Herring & The Mystery Plan deliver an accomplished blend of musicianship, well-informed samples and whispy vocals, plus a palatable diversity of genres under one roof, under which we are very happy to sit and enjoy the chill vibes they convey.

Photo by Evan Thomas

‘Queensland Ballroom’ LP follows the band’s ‘Electric Love’ EP, both of which are produced by John Fryer. Jason Herring met Fryer while visiting Los Angeles, where his studio is currently based. After collaborating on the ‘Electric Love’ EP, they launched into the new ‘Queensland Ballroom’ LP, which sees the band take a turn from their trademark psychedelic folk sound to a more electronic downtempo groove reminiscent of the early days of 4AD and Fryer’s Black Needle Noise. “Our previous releases are a little melancholy, so Amy and I decided we should make this record a little more fun. A record outside of our norm,” says Jason Herring.

This whole experience ultimately led Jason Herring to collaborate further with John Fryer on music for a feature film and an HBO documentary. Fryer also appears briefly in the new video for ‘Electric Love’.

They are comprised of Jason Herring (piano, guitar, vocals), Otis Hughes (bass), Jeff Chester (percussion, drums), Amy Herring (vocals), Paul Jensen (guitars,keys) and Patty McLaughlin (flutes, vocals).

Jason Herring & the Mystery Plan’s ‘Queensland Ballroom’ album will be released on all major digital platforms on September 8 and then performing at an album release event on Saturday, September 9 in Asheville, North Carolina (The Odditorium, 1045 Haywood Road) at 9pm.

Sept 9 Asheville, NC – The Odditorium (8pm)
Sept 23 Charlotte, NC – Rhino Market & Deli (8pm)
Oct 14 Charlotte, NC – Petra’s (8pm)

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