LA Based A Million Machines Gear Up For Debut Album

I love it when I’m introduced to a new band by a friend and they really hit the mark when they guessed I’d be into it. Even better when that band recalls the sounds and feelings that once made me fall for a specific genre in the first place. Doubly good when their music also entails something post-modern, somewhat of an indicator that this is the real thing – not just a regurgitation of borrowed elements from their forefathers.

In the spirit of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Cut Copy comes LA-based A Million Machines. The name and music summon goose-bumps over a potent mix of modular synth, brooding yet smooth vocals, and truly catchy melody.

Based in Los Angeles, the duo have announced they will release their first full-length self-titled record in November 2017, preceded by the single ‘Come Tonight’. So we have a whole 11 tracks to look forward here – judging from the past few singles the band has put out over the past year, it seems we’re in for a real smorgasbord as far as the synth pop goes.

While the first single isn’t fully available anywhere for streaming just yet, the teaser video for this is there for us to capture a sense of what they have on offer here.


We also know that a few of the singles are available, so we’ve decided to present you a couple of them here.



A Million Machines record their music at their own studio in Silver Lake, a suburb of Los Angeles. Comprised of producer/multi-instrumentalist MIG (The New Room) and vocalist Fate Fatal (The Deep Eynde, Kittens for Christians), this duo formed in 2014 based on their shared passion for synth pop, modular technology and love of post punk.

A Million Machines debut self-titled album will be released on November 24, while the first single ‘Come Tonight’ will be released on September 22.

A Million Machines 5 - photo credit Diana MalinovaTM
Photo by Diana Malinova


Feature photo by Diana Malinova

A Million Machines

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