Legendary Producer John Fryer Premiers New Black Needle Noise Video For ‘Neon Noir’


Legendary Producer John Fryer premiers his new video for ‘Neon Noir’ off his latest release from Black Needle Noise, ‘Lost In Reflections’. This retro style video, featuring Dr. Strangefryer himself, broadcasts and spins it’s transmission from a era reminiscent of the early days of Depeche Mode and Clan Of Xymox. Glimmers of a cold neon nightlife and rubber fetish delights playfully bounce throughout the song while Dr. Strangefryer’s voice fades and echoes from a seemingly distant dark ethereal place.

Video and FX by Alisa Akay​ who says, “I made the music video for “Neon Noir” with a custom blend of analog and digital effects. The visuals were produced with specialized circuit-bent video gear and interactive applications, which responded to both the music and Dr. Strangefryer himself. The result is an homage to the electric palette of the ’80s..”

The album title ‘Lost In Reflections’ is significant. “Its like day dreaming, you sit there and get lost in thought, lost in the music, it takes you away to another dimension. Stand in a room full of mirrors and your reflection goes on for ever and you can’t find the real you in there anymore, the reflections have taken over. the music conjures thoughts of things/moods that have had happened or you wish had happened or even something you hope will happen,” explains John Fryer.


Video and FX by Alisa Akay

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‘Lost In Reflections’ is a recent collection of songs, each one standing alone, by Black Needle Noise, which is a 50/50 collaboration between John Fryer and many different talented singer/songwriters. Artist inclusions on ‘Lost In Reflections’ are; Zialand, Kendra Frost, Andrea Kerr, Jennie Vee, Omniflux, Mimi Page, Ana Brenton, Bill Leeb, Sivert Høyem and Dr Strangefryer.

Artists inclusions on Black Needle Noise’s first album ‘Before The Tears Came’ are; Zialand, Jarboe, Ledfoot, Andreas Elvenes, Antic Clay, Attasalina, Elena Alice Fossi, Betsy Martin, Spectra Paris, and Dr. Strangefryer.


Photo by Lisa S. Johnson

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