‘Lost In Reflections’ Set For Release by John Fryer and Black Needle Noise

Legendary Producer John Fryer is set to release his second album with Black Needle Noise titled ‘Lost In Reflections’ which includes new track, ‘Neon Noir’, with vocals by Dr. Strangefryer himself. The song instantly injects you with an impressive dose of what John Fryer is made of! It’s core is reminiscent of the early days of Depeche Mode where synths dominated the airwaves and the sweetness of bubble gum lip gloss was worn on every girl. Glimmers of a cold neon nightlife and rubber fetish delights playfully bounce throughout the song while Dr. Strangefryer’s voice fades and echoes from a seemingly distant dark ethereal place. ‘Neon Noir’ is poised and ready to join the magical nightlife spaces for clubbers to lose themselves in this summer. The official release date is July 13, 2017, however downloads are now available on the Black Needle Noise Bandcamp page

John Fryer photo by Hanna Røskaft

Bandcamp page.

‘Lost In Reflections’ is a recent collection of songs, each one standing alone, by Black Needle Noise, which is a 50/50 collaboration between John Fryer and many different talented singer/songwriters. Artist inclusions on ‘Lost In Reflections’ are; Zialand, Kendra Frost, Andrea Kerr, Jennie Vee, Omniflux, Mimi Page, Ana Brenton, Bill Leeb, Sivert Høyem and Dr Strangefryer.

Artists inclusions on Black Needle Noise’s first album ‘Before The Tears Came’ are; Zialand, Jarboe, Ledfoot, Andreas Elvenes, Antic Clay, Attasalina, Elena Alice Fossi, Betsy Martin, Spectra Paris, and Dr. Strangefryer.


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