Beauty In Chaos Talks With Torched on New Single/Video Release ‘The Kiss Of The World’ Ft Elena Alice Fossi!

‘The Kiss of The World’, featuring Italian alternative rock-goddess Elena Alice Fossi of Kirlian Camera is the second single/video to be released off the forthcoming Beauty In Chaos all female vocalist album Behind the Veil, slated for February 2022 via 33.3 Music Collective. This marks the fifth release for Michael Ciravolo’s LA based alt rock/post-punk collective.

Beauty In Chaos’ previous releases; Finding Beauty In ChaosBeauty Re-EnvisionedThe Storm Before The Calm, and Out Of Chaos Comes…has been a masterfully curated gathering by Ciravolo of many industry luminaries. Previous contributions include the talents of Wayne and Cinthya Hussey, Michael Aston, Ashton Nyte, John Fryer, Kevin Haskins, Mark Gemini Thwaite, Curse Mackey, Simon Gallup, and Al Jourgensen.. plus many others. You can find further information on the BIC website HERE..

‘The Kiss of The World’ attempts to bring what has been hidden by the manipulators for so long to the surface. We’ve been asleep for far too long, it’s truly time to wake up to the truth! “No, it’s not a love relationship that ended badly, as it might seem on the surface. This story’s plot is instead enclosed in the domination and deception that, perpetrated over time, have generated a zombified society, where the living dead obey an authority which in turn is the servant of stronger occult powers. And it’s these powers that pull the strings of a comedy in which consumerism, betrayal and manipulation are the masters,” says Elena Alice Fossi.

Elena continues, “The tyranny is well hidden and the slave doesn’t know he is, because he finds himself in a maelstrom of materialism and “online drugs” that make him unaware and helpless. But things are about to be turned around and this flawed system will be cornered. Satan’s mighty valet has pulled the rope to such an extent that it finally breaks and the lies that have long been embellished now reveal their true face. The hour of the rescue is going to come because not a few are awakening from the long torpor.”

Michael Ciravolo and Elena Alice Fossi kindly took the time to answer a few questions for Torched on the new song and video ‘The Kiss of The World’, which is now available for purchase on the BIC bandcamp page.

In a previous interview with Torched, you mentioned that ‘The Kiss Of The World’ would be a pendulum swing from ‘Orion’, BIC’s last video/single. Can you explain this idea further? 

Michael – Since Beauty In Chaos is not your typical ‘band’, our videos (16 to date!) are the face of BIC. I have enjoyed the challenge of trying to make sure each is unique and as different from its predecessor as possible.  We shot Orion” and “TKOTW almost simultaneously, each with a different director.  The GABB team had the concept for “Orion”, but I had the dystopian idea for “The Kiss Of The World”, which Industrialism Films did an amazing job to bring it to life. With “Orion” being beautifully cinematic, I wanted this new one to have more of a futuristic edge… faster cuts to enhance the evolving ‘story’. While certainly in an infancy stage, the next two videos will certainly swing with the BIC pendulum!    

What was your inspiration behind the song and video ‘The Kiss Of The World’?Michael – Honestly, my inspiration came from Elena.  I have never met her in person but reading some of her posts and hearing her interviews, I picked up on her ‘rebellion’ against some political and social issues in Italy.  Her striking stage image seemed to me to fit perfect in a ‘1984-big brother-v is for vendetta’ way.  As the editing process moved on, we added some go ‘matrix’ type visuals and it struck me that she would make a fantastic Trinity!

 Elena – The Kiss Of The World’ is like Judas’ kiss. From here I left to embark on this “journey” and from here the bitter idea of deception and betrayal of a world that is losing its humanity and its blood drop by drop took shape. When I received the instrumental track, already very harmonic and elaborate, I thought of giving voice to a character as if he/she were speaking to a lover who has deceived him, therefore, a lot of anger came out, but also sweetness and fragility, in thought and in the memory of moments lived in a precarious joy. I was surprised how Michael has grasped and embraced this dark side and empowered and augmented it in the video, where the narrative takes on a terrifying apocalyptic aspect, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

What was it like working with Michael Ciravolo on the new song/video for ‘The Kiss Of The World’?

Elena – If there is one thing I hate, well, that’s the mawkish compliments coming out when artists and musicians are collaborating on a common project. I honestly must admit I don’t like fuss, even more in such circumstances. Yet, this time I cannot fail to stress how, while I was collaborating with Beauty In Chaos, I have discovered Michael’s deep qualities of empathy, a feeling that is more than important for a good musician, especially when we exchange ideas being so many miles away; but such a good sensation is – alas – quite rare. We worked one step at a time, first on the song, exchanging opinions and suggestions, then on the video, of which Michael himself is the creator of a complex orchestration, which convinced and thrilled me from the first time he mentioned it to me. So, as for myself goes, working together was not just about making music and-that’s-all-thank-you, it was also about being able to connect with an attentive and sensitive person. There is no doubt, Beauty In Chaos is truly what he calls a family! 

What was it like working with Elena Alice Fossi on the new song/video? 

Micheal – I have been wanting to work with her for quite a while now.  I have been racking my brain to try to remember how I was first introduced to her.  I know I reached out by email and we both thought it would be cool to do something together.  When it was decided that ‘Behind The Veil’ was going to feature all female singers, she was the first I asked to be part of it.  She’s a total pro with an amazing voice, and I feel blessed that she was into it.  Living in Italy, she not only did her vocals, but also filmed her video parts there. I urge everyone to dive into Elena’s expansive discography with Kirlian Camera and Spectra Paris!      

What can listeners look forward to for the future of BIC? 

Micheal – Well, we still are in the final stages of finishing the next album, “Behind The Veil”, which will be released 2.22.22 !  Clever huh? ☺   We are almost done with the final track.  As I have mentioned, unlike our previous releases, this one will also include some remixes on the CD and Digital versions.  So far, Tim Palmer, MGT, John Fryer and Julian Shah-Tayler have done some fantastic ‘takes’ on the new songs!  Plans are in the works for at least two more videos, and the great people at Jammerzine are working on a cool, behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of this album, aptly entitled ‘Unveiled’.  Rarely a dull moment in BIC World!  

All images courtesy of Beauty In Chaos

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