Michael Ciravolo and Whitney Tai On New Captivating Beauty In Chaos Song/Video ‘ORION’

‘Orion’, featuring the lovely Whitney Tai, is the first single/video to be released off the forthcoming Beauty In Chaos all female vocalist album Behind the Veil, slated for February 2022 via 33.3 Music Collective. This marks the fifth release for Michael Ciravolo’s LA based alt rock/post-punk collective. Beauty In Chaos’ previous releases; Finding Beauty In Chaos, Beauty Re-Envisioned, The Storm Before The Calm, and Out Of Chaos Comes…has been a masterfully curated gathering by Ciravolo of many industry luminaries. Previous contributions include the talents of Wayne and Cinthya Hussey, Michael Aston, Ashton Nyte, John Fryer, Kevin Haskins, Mark Gemini Thwaite, Curse Mackey, Simon Gallup, and Al Jourgensen.. plus many others. You can find further information on the BIC website HERE..

‘Orion’ is about “breaking free from the manipulators mind and severing the ties of deception. A story of an a-type personality, “the hunter”, and how the roles narcissism and exploitation torment the fears and strengths of the human psyche,” according to Whitney.

“Musically, Orion continues on the path set by ‘Stranger’, the final track on ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ album. Whitney’s lyrics and soaring voice were a perfect match for this track and sets the tone beautifully for our next record,” says Ciravolo.

Michael Ciravolo and Whitney Tai were gracious enough to answer a few questions for Torched on the new single/ video release. ‘Orion’ is now available for purchase on the BIC bandcamp page.

What was your inspiration for Beauty In Chaos’ new video ‘Orion’? Also, you brought in a new production team this go around.. What did they bring to the table that was different from the previous Industrialism Films productions? 

Michael :  I have always strived to make each of our videos as different from its predecessor as possible.  I think we’ve done a really good job at making that happen.  Certainly, with BIC built around different singers that helps make this possible.  When we decided on ‘Orion’ as the first video, I was really impressed by what Whitney and the team she assembled did with her ‘Incantation’ video.  I decided to use the same team on ‘Orion’, because in the end, it was her lyrics that we wanted to bring alive.  Otherworldly was a phrase we kept tossing around, and I think we achieved just that!   But I also really love working with Vicente Cordero and his Industrialism Films crew, and we have already shot our next video together.  Again, I think ‘The Kiss Of The World’, which features Kirlian Camera’s amazing Elena Alice Fossi will be a pendulum swing from ‘Orion’. 

Whitney adds: ‘Orion’ had a fast growing concept. The production and art direction team wanted to make a world that didn’t exist, a new planet to inject Orion’s storyline. In the hyper dimensional space, the viewer is challenged to see themselves as a pawn on a board, a Phoenix in the smoke or just someone who’s been allured and misguided fighting for sovereignty and breaking the simulation.   

What was it like working with Michael Ciravolo and Beauty In Chaos for this new song and video?

Whitney:  Michael is such a phenomenal writing partner and teammate. From the moment I was handed this track and given the green light to start adding paint to his canvas, I was inspired by the amount of texture, nuance and angst that was embedded into the music. I respond and react very quickly to human emotion when it’s built into a piece of composition, so I began writing immediately. He included me every step of the way, from inception to visual to release and it’s been some of the best fun with a super-driven team.

What was it like working with Whitney Tai for this new song and video?

Michael:  I immediately hit it off with Whitney as an artist and even more important, as a person.   Kat Leon (who is featured on “Stranger”) introduced us.  Besides being an extremely talented singer and songwriter, Kat was one of the hardest working artists at her craft that I have encountered in a long time.  Whitney is built in that same mold.  We talked about doing a song that blended the feel of Bjork’s ‘Vespertine’ album with the other elements that run through what Beauty In Chaos does.  “Orion” came together so effortlessly.  She took the music that Michael Rozon and I created and, within a few days, we had what I feel is a gorgeous song.  I feel blessed to have Whitney now as a member of our BIC family and look forward to working with her in the future.  And if we ever get to do BIC live, I would love to perform ‘Orion’ sinceshe is an extremely captivating performer.  

“Orion” will be included on the next Beauty In Chaos album Behind The Veil, what are a few things that the fans/listeners can expect from this new album?

Michael:  A slightly longer version of “Orion” will definitely be included on our next release.  I guess I have not decided when to call this release done! I have spoken to quite a few singers that I am really excited to work with.  We have five tracks nearly completed now, so for lack of a better word, the dilemma is  – do we wrap this album up with one more track, or do we continue to keep going?  Honestly, my impatience is winning out, since I want to release ‘Behind The Veil’ in early 2022.  So if pressed for an answer today, the release will probably be six songs, along with a few ‘re-envisions’.  I’m not saying I won’t be working with the amazing artists that I have been working with.  As far as what you can expect on this record?  I have always given BIC a bit of self-imposed limitations and this release was going to be built around all female singers.  I don’t want to use the word contrived, but I wanted this record to pickup where “Stranger” left off.  That is why “Stranger”  was picked to be the final track on ‘The Storm Before The Calm’.   For better or worse, I usually don’t stray far from my original concept or ideas.  I think when we first announced that BIC was doing new music, I said it would fall somewhere between Bjork and Bauhaus; and hearing the first five songs, I guess they fall in that wide musical swath description….

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