Beauty In Chaos’ Michael Ciravolo Unleashed, Talks With Torched On New Release And More! (Audio)

Michael Ciravolo, the master-mind behind L.A. supergroup ‘Beauty In Chaos’, opens up with Torched’s Judy Lyon on its latest new remix-based release ‘Out Of Chaos Comes‘. “As a long-time, from day one supporter, fan and friend, I’m truly honored to have a moment of Michael’s time”.. In this exclusive interview.. we dive into many topics including the inspiration behind ‘Out Of Chaos Comes’, a day in the life of working as President of Schecter Guitar Research, living in COVID times and how the pandemic has affected him personally and professionally, Cinthya Hussey’s (Wayne Hussey’s wife) collaborative artwork and gorgeous vocal contributions, his time in Michael Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel.. along with many other topics of interest. Listen to the interview on Soundcloud HERE.

‘Out Of Chaos Comes’…  (released October 31st) on 33.3 Music Collective is now available on vinyl (8 tracks), CD (14 tracks) and digitally (27 tracks). The full digital version is included with an LP / CD purchase. Limited-edition colored vinyl also includes an exclusive cover-art poster, signed by the many of the artists involved. It can be ordered in its various formats at

The deep and diverse full 27-track collection (available on CD) includes a few
surprises. Ashton Nyte’s acoustic version of ‘The Outside’, Cinthya Hussey’s beautiful rendition of ‘The Delicate Balance Of All Things’ as well as her artistic contributions for the cover art, and an acoustic/mellotron drenched ‘Memory Of Love’ from Human Drama’s Johnny Indovina. You will even find some new and fantastic guitar moments from The Mission’s Simon Hinkler, Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, The WonderStuff) and Nick Johnston. The digital version also includes an additional track featuring Julian Shah-Tayler aka The Singularity.

Michael Ciravolo photo by Anabel DeFlux

Beauty In Chaos a masterfully curated musical endeavor by Michael Ciravolo, who is not only an outstanding and well respected musician, engineer and producer in his own right but also the President and CEO of Schecter Guitar Research. His project brings together some of the most iconic names in the music world which includes, Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Simon Gallup (The Cure), Michael Aston (Gene Love Jezebel), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Ashton Nyte (The Awakening), Michael Rozon, Kevin Haskins (Love And Rockets), John Fryer (Producer/This Mortal Coil/4AD), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, The Mission, Tricky) and Al Jourgensen (Ministry), to name a few.

Feature image Judy Lyon (Judy Lyon), Michael Ciravolo (Anabel DeFlux)

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