Beauty In Chaos Premieres ‘A Kind Cruelty’ (The Sinistrality Mix) Ft Curse Mackey, Simon Hinkler, Announces New Album!

Michael Ciravolo’s Beauty In Chaos has announced its new album Out Of Chaos Comes…’ which will be released on October 31, 2020 via 33.3 Music Collective. Today we get a taste of what’s to come on All Hallows’ Eve from Producer Tim Palmer with the first single/video to be presented ‘A Kind Cruelty’ (The Sinistrality Mix) featuring Curse Mackey (Pigface, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Evil Mothers) on vocals and an appearance by guitarist Simon Hinkler (The Mission). The dark cinematic soundscape was visually brought to life by Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films which has added surreal and psychedelic elements.

“The lyrics I wrote for ‘A Kind Cruelty’ are a real-life fantasy based on an out-of-body-experience I experienced while recording the song. A verbal vortex of words made out of a vision. Or a vision made from words. It’s hard to tell what came first. Some how we arrived in this time and place, so I think the words unfolded well. It’s all a bit surrealistic and cinematic”. – Curse Mackey

Beauty In Chaos ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ features 26 diverse remixes and reinterpretations by an equally diverse and talented mix of producers, artists and deejays.

Michael Ciravolo explains, “The creative process and result of ‘beauty re-envisioned’ was such an amazing experience, that I thought why don’t we give that another go!  So basically, ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ is to ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ as ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’ is to ‘Finding Beauty In Chaos’

“We were again fortunate to be able to turn the creative reins over to an extremely talented cast of Producers, Artists and DJs; including Tim Palmer (The Mission, U2, David Bowie), John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, HIM, Depeche Mode), Film Composer Tyler Bates (John Wick, The Watchmen, Guardians Of The Galaxy), The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell and Marilyn Manson’s Paul Wiley.”

‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ (release date October 31st) on 33.3 Music Collective is now available for pre-order HERE..


‘The Sinistrality Mix’ is created by legendary producer Tim Palmer.

VIDEO Directed and Edited by Vicente Cordero / Industrialism Films

Curse Mackey: vocals

Michael Ciravolo: guitar/percussion

Tish Ciravolo: bass

Guitar solo: Simon Hinkler

Piano ‘thing’ hand: Tim Palmer

Fire Girls: Lilian SIn and Sinder

Horsehead guy: ?


Curse Mackey: vocals

Michael Ciravolo: guitars

Michael Rozon: bass, piano

Dirk Doucette: live drums

Tim Palmer: additional synths, textures, guitars and co-production

Simon Hinkler: guitar solo

Album cover art: Cinthya Hussey

All images courtesy of Beauty In Chaos

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