Torched Playlist #10 David J Top Picks


Revisiting the past in order to remind yourself as to why you fell in love with the music to begin with is something that we enjoy doing from time to time here at Torched Magazine. In celebration of Bauhaus bassist David J’s upcoming world tour with Peter Murphy and historic solo shows, we decided to dig into his prolific back catalogue that spans four decades and several incarnations to bring you our top picks, minus a couple due to unavailable online listening. We also included a few written by other band members where David J contributes bass and back up vocals..etc..

David J’s extensive and illustrious career is filled with a full spectrum of musical styles that overlap many different genres, such as gothic rock, indie, college rock, art rock, psychedelic rock, alternative, post-punk, alternative dance, and indie folk. Whether it’s Bauhaus, Love And Rockets or one of his many solo adventures this playlist will surely take you back, chapter by chapter to many different places in time held together by memories and day dreams. Enjoy!
































































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